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Rug Cleaning in
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ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning St. Catherines

Rug Cleaning in
St. Catherines


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Sale St. Catherines

Rug Cleaning Sale at St. Catherines

For a limited time, all new customers in St. Catherines can enjoy 30% off on rug cleaning. Check out our affordable rug cleaning services.

Rug Pickup St. Catherines

Bimonthly Rug Pick-Up in St. Catherines

Rugs are picked up every other Wednesday between 7 AM and 11 AM in St. Catherines. They will be cleaned and returned within seven days.

Same Day Next Day Pickup

Same-Day and Next Day Collection

Orders of $800 or more qualify for a same-day or next-day pickup. Please provide details so that we can estimate whether your order is eligible.

Trusted St. Catherines Carpet Cleaners
Rug Cleaning Experts with a Reputation for Excellence

Renowned Rug Cleaning Company In St. Catherines

We have been cleaning and repairing rugs in St. Catherines, Ontario, since 1894. We have years of experience in area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, and rug restoration in St. Catherines, and you can rely on our services.

Our expertise has earned us the Consumer Choice and Top Choice Mark of Excellence awards, as well as an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2021

Best of Award Winner

Consumer Choice Award Rug Cleaning GTA

Consumer Choice Award Winner

BBB Accredited Business a Rated

BBB Accredited

Top Choice Award Rug Cleaners

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence


Why Choose Love Your Rug in St. Catherines?

Did you know that having your area rugs professionally cleaned might help prevent mould and mildew while also improving the air quality in your home? Humid conditions are conducive to the growth of mould. When mould is not removed from a site, it may cause allergies, irritants, and mycotoxins.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, a clean area rug also lasts longer. Dirt becomes trapped in the fibres of area rugs when they are not cleaned properly, causing them to decay faster.

There are many benefits to hiring professional rug cleaners in St. Catherines. Area rug cleaning is our speciality at Love Your Rug. Experience the difference for yourself.

Best Rug Cleaning St. Catherines
Trusted St. Catherines Carpet Cleaners
Rug Cleaner St. Catherines More than Century

Over a Century of Rug Cleaning Experience in St. Catherines

Love Your Rug will clean your rugs of dirt, filth, grime, grease, and smells without compromising their brightness. We can manage all of your rug cleaning and repair needs in St. Catherines because of our cutting-edge cleaning equipment, skilled rug professionals, and state-of-the-art cleaning facilities. Use our online price calculator to quickly acquire an estimate for rug cleaning and schedule a pickup.

Our Nine-Step Rug Cleaning Process in St. Catherines

Our rug cleaning experts utilize state-of-the-art cleaning technology and a hands-on approach to clean your favourite area rugs thoroughly.



We’ll start by evaluating your area rug for stains, damage, discolouration, and any other special requirements. The rug’s fibres, fringes, colouring, and underpadding are meticulously analysed. Carpets are classified into three categories based on the materials used, the carpet’s size, and the place of origin.

Rug Cleaning Inspection


We will dust the rug using our specialised equipment.


Pre Treatment

Each rug is pre-treated with a safe and ecologically friendly dual soap solution prior to machine cleaning. Pressure cleaning removes minerals that have accumulated on your rug.

Rug Cleaning Dusting Machine
Rug Cleaning Dusting Machine

Manual Wash

Our rug cleaners utilise high-pressure washers to extract dirt from the rug’s fibres, followed by a thorough wash with fresh water.


Machine Wash

Rugs are cleaned with technology similar to that seen at car washes. Each rug is meticulously cleaned, and mineral deposits are removed with the use of soft brush pads. Our rug cleaning services ensure that the pile and fringe of your carpet are properly cleaned without compromising the look.

Rug Cleaning Dusting Machine
Rug Cleaning Dusting Machine


Following that, we will roll up your rug and set it in our centrifuge machine for processing. The centrifuge extracts any remaining moisture and water from your rug.



The rugs are then transported to a climate-controlled drying chamber to further eliminate any leftover moisture. We promise that your rug will be completely dry and mildew-free upon completion.

Drying Rugs in Climate Controlled Room
Rug Quality Control After Wash

Final Inspection

We check the rug once again for quality assurance after 12 hours in the drying room. Your rug will be examined, measured, and photographed inch by inch throughout the inspection process. Additionally, we will airbrush it to remove any stray fibres present.


Packaged Ready to Ship

Following our final inspection, your rug will be sent to you safely and securely.

Packaging Rugs for Shipping

Our St. Catherines Google Reviews

Read our genuine Google reviews about our rug cleaning services in St. Catherines and find out the quality of work that you can expect from Love Your Rug.

Joanne Fekete

When our cottage flooded this summer, our large, very old area rug did not fare well. After drying it as well as we could, it was dirty and still very smelly. Bringing it home in my car, I spoke with someone at Love your Rug, and dropped it off directly. I was treated very well from the start. My rug was carried in, measured, and a fair price given. I asked for it to be delivered to my home. It was delivered promptly, as promised, with emails informing me as to timing. It was a pleasure to unroll my fresh-smelling, clean soft rug. Service and cleaning was great, start to finish!


Janice Armstrong

Absolutely wonderful.pickup and delivery and so reasonably priced!

Satisfaction Guaranteed St.Catherines Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning St. Catherines - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud of our high-quality rug cleaning, reasonable costs, and easy pickup and delivery services at Love Your Rug. We’ve been cleaning area rugs in St. Catherines since 1894, and we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with our job.

Kindly notify us if you are dissatisfied with Love Your Rug's rug cleaning service in St. Catherines, and we will re-clean your rug for free.

Premium Rug Cleaning Services in St. Catherines

On top of our industry-leading rug cleaning services, we offer the following additional rug cleaning services for any customers in St. Catherines who may require them.
Area Rug Enzyme Treatment
Area Rug Enzyme Treatment

Our Area Rug Enzyme Treatment gives you peace of mind knowing that unpleasant odours and dangerous bacteria won’t return to your area rug. This treatment will penetrate deep into your area rug’s fibres and ensure harmful bacteria don’t make an unwanted comeback. We recommend this enzyme treatment for people with deep stains from pets and high foot traffic.

Area Rug Disinfectant
Area Rug Disinfectant

If you have pets or children, our area rug disinfectant is perfect for you. It is 100% safe for not only humans and animals but also for the environment! The disinfectant kills bacteria, deodorizes your area rug and improves the air quality in your home. The cherry on top is it will give your area rug an irresistible fresh, yet very mild and pleasant lemony scent so it will look, feel and smell brand new every time!

Area Rug-Scotchgard
Area Rug Fabric Protector

The area rug Fabric Protector treatment is a premium rug protector solution that makes it easier to wipe stains clean off of your area rug if spills happen in the future. It additionally makes future professional area rug cleaning easier and extends the life of your rug. This treatment is ideal for area rugs in high traffic areas such as dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Area Rug Stain Removal
Area Rug Stain Removal

Additional area rug stain removal may be required if your rug has tricky stains such as greasy, oily stains from bodily fluids, food or beverage spills. Our experienced rug technicians will pre-spray and work on minimizing and often completely eliminating the stain. If the stain isn’t stuck to the rug’s fibres, it will come out with our proven rug stain removal methods.

Non Slip-Rug Pad
Non-Slip Rug Pad

Our heavy-duty non-slip rug pad provides a strong grip to prevent the rug from slipping and moving. We offer three different kinds of rug pads— Eco By Design, Eco Preferred & Eco Supreme, each catering to individual needs. Along with thick and medium cushioning, we also offer thin rug pads that do not add height or obstruct door clearance. Our products come with a special moisture barrier to prevent any liquid from seeping into your rug and ruining your hardwood floors.


St. Catherines Rug Repair Specialists

It is not necessary to discard an area rug that is without fringes, having tears, rips, or burns. Love Your Rug’s rug professionals will restore your rug to its original condition. For over a century, our staff has been mending area rugs in St. Catherines, and we continue to go above and beyond for our consumers.

Among the rug repair services we provide are the following:

Area Rug Refringing

Area Rug Refringing

Fringes on rugs and carpets are subject to wear and tear over time. We can replace the fringes on your favourite rug if this occurs. Our professional tailors complete all work on-site. You may select a fringe style that complements your rug from various options. Many of our clients want to upgrade to higher-quality fringes for the same price.

Area Rug Resurging

Area Rug Resurging

When your area rug's outside edges begin to fray or unravel, it's time to resurrect it. Resurging is a process in which our tailor painstakingly picks the threads for their colour and kind before machine weaving them into the rug's edge. The new threading reinforces and preserves the rug's foundation while also preventing the unravelling of the knots.

Area Rug Cutting and Binding

Area Rug Cutting & Binding

We can assist you if you want commercial carpets to be trimmed and bound for a specific location. Our tailor will design and cut your carpet specifically for you. The edges are machine stitched and completed with a synthetic border. You may recycle existing carpets, create shorter carpet runners for the office, or create bespoke carpets for the basement.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Love Your Rug specialises in professional area rug cleaning using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. To effectively clean your area rug, we employ a multi-step method that includes dusting, washing, and drying. Manual cleaning of difficult stains is performed using specially designed detergents and stain treatment methods.

Rug Cleaners

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Cleaning Services for Carpets in St. Catherines

If your house has carpeting, professional carpet cleaners should be hired at least once a year. We steam clean carpets to remove unsightly dirt and debris, offensive odours, dangerous germs, mould, and mildew.

We employ cutting-edge technology and environment-friendly carpet cleaning supplies to give your carpets a thorough clean that no do-it-yourself approach can match. Pre-inspection, pre-treatment, steam cleaning, and deodorisation are all included in our comprehensive approach.

You can rely on us to keep your carpet smelling fresh, feeling soft, and looking new!

Professional Carpet Cleaners St. Catherines


Rug Cleaners Specialising
in Area Rugs

  • Ten thousand square feet of rug cleaning facilities
  • Over a million rugs cleaned in St. Catherines

Speciality Area Rug Cleaning in St.Catherines, Ontario

Silk rugs, Persian rugs, animal skin rugs, and Oriental carpets can be extremely difficult to clean. We never shy away from a challenging rug cleaning service at Love Your Rug. You can extend the life and beauty of speciality area rugs by cleaning them regularly. At Love Your Rug St. Catherines, we will provide the sensitive, loving care that your unique area rug deserves.

Persian Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Persian Rug Cleaners St.Catherines

In St. Catherines, Love Your Rug is a respected Persian rug cleaning. We will clean your Persian rug with the most advanced rug cleaning procedures, bringing out the brilliance of complex designs! Persian Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Oriental Rug Cleaners St. Catherines

Oriental carpets are distinctive in using dense materials and brilliant colours. We'll restore the vibrancy of your rug's hues with our deep cleaning service!

Silk Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Silk Rug Cleaning St. Catherines

Silk is a delicate and exquisite natural fibre that requires much expertise and attention to detail to work with. Love Your Rug will properly clean your silk rug without causing any damage.

Wool Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Wool Rug Cleaning St. Catherines

A wool rug gives warmth and comfort to a space. Love Your Rug in St. Catherines can clean your wool rug while retaining its distinctive texture and inherent resilience.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Cowhide Rug Cleaning St. Catherines

Rugs made of cowhide or other animal skins are ageless. Our rug cleaning professionals in St. Catherines will maintain the softness of your rug and treat it like a classic material. Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Flokati Rug Cleaning St. Catharines

Flokati Rug Cleaning St. Catherines

While flokati rugs are soft and resilient, they are frequently white, necessitating expert cleaning. Our objective is to keep it thick, soft, fluffy, and stain-free.

Rug Pickup in St.Catherines

Bimonthly Rug Pick-Up Service

We take up rugs in St. Catherines every other week on Wednesdays between 7 AM and 11 AM. While our delivery schedules are subject to traffic conditions, we make every attempt to arrive on time.

Additionally, Love Your Rug services the whole province of Ontario. To schedule your complimentary pick-up, please complete the form below.

Major Cities Served


Customers purchasing our rug cleaning service for the first time receive a 30% discount.