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Same Day Oriental Rug Pickups

We offer same-day as well as next-day Oriental rug cleaning pickup offered all around Toronto. Click on the button below to see our prices.

Delivered Back Clean Within 7 Days

Our advanced Oriental rug cleaning technology allows us to offer the quickest delivery time for Oriental rug cleaning in Toronto.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to make all our customers happy and so we offer a free rug re-cleaning if you are unhappy with your Oriental area rug after our first cleaning.

Trusted Oriental Rug Cleaner in Toronto

If your precious Oriental rug has accumulated dust, dirt and stains over the years, it is time to put it through our custom Oriental rug cleaning process, designed specifically for Oriental rugs. Using over-the-counter detergents, harsh shampoos and DIY rug cleaning methods will very likely damage your Oriental rugs.

We use cutting-edge equipment that deep cleans effectively yet gently, removing stains, dirt and odour without harming or discolouring the fabric of your Oriental heirloom. We use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and methods that have a minimal environmental impact. Our facilities are retrofitted with low power consumption lighting, and our machines are closed loop cleaning systems, all helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

No matter how stubborn the stains and dirt build-up are on your Oriental rug, our advanced cleaning technology cleans your Oriental rug from both sides removing all pet dander, dirt build-up, soluble stains, protein-based stains, hair and gum entirely!

Oriental Rug Cleaning Toronto

Expert Oriental Rug Repair in Toronto

Human and pet traffic as well as heavy furniture can slowly ruin the fibers of your beautiful Oriental rug. Love Your Rug is the rug doctor that Toronto and surrounding areas depend on to fix tears and rips, replace fringes and remedy burns in Oriental rugs.

Our Oriental rug re-fringing, re-surging, cutting and binding and colour restoration services are the best in Canada. Our hand stitching and machine tailoring services are done entirely in-house, in a quality-controlled environment across two facilities in east and west Toronto.


Oriental Rug Cleaning Reviews

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