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We will re-clean your rug in London for free if you’re not happy with the results when we clean it the first time.


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Clean and well-maintained rugs are charming, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy. Unfortunately, all rugs, no matter how well maintained they are, are susceptible to collecting pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. The danger of these allergens is that they can cause serious infections and allergies. As such, The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends getting your rugs cleaned three to four times a year. Rugs are also constantly exposed to grime, spills, and stains that make them look dirty and unsightly.

Love Your Rug in London, Ontario cleans your rugs thoroughly on both sides. We use eco-friendly, custom-blended detergents that are safe and very effective on your unique rug. Our sophisticated rug cleaning equipment leaves your rugs scrupulously clean without any fading or damage.

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Rug Repair in London, Ontario

When your expensive, precious rug is damaged, you can get it repaired to its original form. However, it takes a certain level of craftsmanship to be able to repair rugs perfectly. Rug damages can range from fuzzing and abrasions, to shading damage caused by sunlight, to water damage. Whatever the type or extent of rug damage, if they are not attended to immediately, they can worsen quickly and affect a larger area of you rug.

Love Your Rug provides exceptional and thorough rug repair services by some of Canada’s master rug repair technicians. When we are done repairing your rug the damage will become invisible or minimized drastically. Our services include re-fringing of rug fringes that have been damaged due to everyday wear and tear, resurging of worn out edges, cutting and binding of rugs and carpets to fit into those awkward spaces as well as colour restoration.


Reliable Carpet Cleaning London

Love Your Rug offers award-winning and accredited carpet cleaning services in London. Our carpet cleaning services in London are affordable, reliable and comprehensive. With no middlemen or subcontracts, Love Your Rug will give you the best, transparent quote that ensures there are no hidden costs and that you get the best carpet cleaning price every time.
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World's Most Advanced Rug Cleaning Process

When a rug gets dirty and soiled, it’s not just its top layer that needs to be cleaned. Dust, dirt, and grime can get lodged and settle deep within a rug, and stains can seep into its fibers. All this makes it difficult to clean with standard rug cleaning equipment and caused increased damage to the fibers of your rug in London Ontario. Love Your Rug has invested in the most sophisticated rug cleaning equipment in London, Ontario to give rugs the most thorough cleaning.



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100% Customer Satisfaction with Our Rug Cleaning and Repair Services in London

Love Your Rug has two of the largest area rug cleaning facilities in Ontario servicing London. We offer the highest quality rug repair and rug cleaning services in London, Ontario with results our competitors cannot beat and our reviews are a testament to this. Love Your Rug has invested in advanced rug cleaning technologies so that we can put your rugs through the most rigorous and custom tailored rug cleaning process depending on the type of rug being serviced. Our cleaning is so thorough that we are able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with confidence.

If you are not satisfied with the rug cleaning or rug repair services that you receive from Love Your Rug in London, please let us know and we will re-service your rug at no additional cost.


Specialty Rug Cleaning in Ajax, Ontario

If you value your antique Persian, Oriental, Silk, animal-hide or other authentic rugs, you probably want them to be cleaned by the best specialty rug cleaners in London Ontario. At Love Your Rug, our experienced technicians understand how precious each hair loom rug is and we understand the type of customized cleaning each rug must be put through based on the type of rug it is for optimal results.

Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto
Persian Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

We will clean and repair Persian rugs in London, Ontario so their vibrant and rich colours stand out once again, as if your rug were new.

Oriental Rug Cleaners Toronto
Oriental Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

We offer your precious antique oriental rugs professional treatment in London, Ontario to renew their traditional and exotic Eastern flair.

Silk Rug Cleaners Toronto
Silk Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

Love Your Rug will treat your fabulous silk rugs with special care and deliver them back to you anywhere in London, Ontario.

Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto
Wool Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

When you get your traditional wool rug cleaned by us, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results every time.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

Renew the unique patterns and natural colours of your cowhide rug with our gentle yet thorough cleaning services in London, Ontario

Flokati Rug Cleaning London, Ontario

Original hand woven Flokati rugs made of pure wool are incredibly durable after they undergo our cleaning services in London, Ontario

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Accredited Rug Cleaner!

Love Your Rug is an award-winning rug cleaning and rug repair service serving London, Ontario. We have been in the rug cleaning and rug repair business for over a century now and we understand the market requirements for cleaning delicate area rugs better than other rug cleaners in London, ON. We always strive to provide only the best rug cleaning and rug repair services to all clients. Our continued excellence has helped us achieve multiple Consumers Choice Awards as well as The Top Choice Mark of Excellence Awards by consumers across Canada..

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Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery in London, ON

Weekly rug pick-ups and deliveries throughout London, Ontario are available every Wednesday from 8am to 9am.

Pickup times depend on traffic and may change, but we do our best to be on time.

Our rug pickup and delivery route covers London, Ontario from Borden Avenue and Belmont Road (South East London), to Medway Road and Clarke Road (North East London), to Sunningdale Road West and Hyde Park Road (North West London), to Southminister Bourne and Sunset Drive (South West London). We also service areas outside of these major intersections in London, ON, so please contact us to check the pickup times for your location.

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Servicing London, Ontario For Over a Century

Since 1894, Love Your Rug has been professionally cleaning Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, wool rugs, sheepskin rugs, Flokati rugs, and synthetic rugs in London, ON and throughout Southern Ontario. When you have your rugs serviced by Love Your Rug, you not only get beautifully serviced rugs, but also the peace of mind of knowing that if you are not satisfied with our services we will do a re-service free of charge.

With our pick-up and delivery service in London, ON, you do not have to waste your time bringing your rug to us. We will pick up your rug and deliver it back to you in 7 days at no additional charge.


London, Ontario Rug Cleaning Report 2019


The following report outlines the average rug cleaning and rug repair habits of an average household in London, ON.


The population of London, ON, according to the 2016 census, is 494,069. In 2011, the population was 474,786. Between 2011 and 2016, the population increased by 4.1%. There is a slow but steady rise in the population of London, ON. The population density per square kilometre has accordingly risen to 185.6. There are 220,452 private dwellings, of which 206,448 are occupied by usual residents. The average household size is 2.4. The average rooms per dwelling is 6.5.

There are 220,452 private dwellings in London, Ontario with an average of 6.5 rooms per dwelling, and an average of 2.4 persons per dwelling.
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Out of the average of 6.5 rooms per dwelling, at least 2 rooms in every household are rugged. These rooms are the living and dining rooms – the rooms that are used the most by occupants. With 220,452 private dwellings in London, ON, the average number of rugs at two rugs per household would be 440,904 rugs. This means that London, ON has an average of 440,904 rugs that must be cleaned and repaired regularly to stay hygienic and in good condition.


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