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Rug Cleaning


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Guelph

Rug Cleaning Guelph


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

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30% Off Rug Cleaning Special in Guelph

We’re offering a limited-time discount of 30% OFF rug cleaning in Guelph to all first-time customers. Take a look at our affordable Guelph rug cleaning prices.

Free Rug Pick-Up and Delivery in Guelph

Every Wednesday, we offer FREE rug pick-up in Guelph. Your clean rug will be returned within seven days of pick-up. Click the button below to schedule a pick-up.

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In-House Carpet Cleaning Guelph

Aside from area rug cleaning, we also offer professional in-home carpet cleaning in Guelph. Find out more about our Guelph carpet cleaning services below.

Guelph’s #1 Rug Cleaner

Guelph’s Accredited and Award-Winning Rug Cleaner!

Love Your Rug has cleaned and repaired rugs in Guelph, Ontario for over a century. 

Due to our extensive experience, we can provide the highest quality rug cleaning and repair services in Guelph.

Our excellence is reflected in our BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation as well as in the Consumers Choice Awards and Top Choice Mark of Excellence awards that we have received.

HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2021

Best of Award Winner

Consumer Choice Award Winner

BBB Accredited Business

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence

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1 Million Plus Rugs Cleaned

Trusted Area Rug Cleaners in Guelph

Why is it important to have your area rugs professionally cleaned? A professionally cleaned rug can prevent mildew and mould from growing in your home and improve the overall air quality. Mould growth is particularly prevalent in humid areas. Getting rid of mould is crucial for eliminating the production of mycotoxins, allergens, and irritants in a space.

In addition to the health benefits, a clean rug will also last longer. Rugs that do not undergo professional cleaning degrade faster because debris becomes embedded in the fibres and splits them.

These are merely two of the many advantages of professional rug cleaning services in Guelph. The team at Love Your Rug is delighted to offer the finest area rug cleaning in Guelph. We guarantee you will be pleased with our work.

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Love Your Rug’s Nine-Step Process

Our rug cleaning experts utilize state-of-the-art cleaning technology and a hands-on approach to clean your favourite area rugs thoroughly.



Before we begin, we carefully examine your rug to identify any stains, damage, or discoloration. Everything is inspected, including rug fibres, fringes, and colouration, as well as the underpinning. Rugs within our system are catalogued by a unique tag based on each rug’s type of material, size, and origin.

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area rug dusting guelph


The highest quality dusting machine will then remove every dust particle from the rug.


Pre Treatment

Before machine washing, we pre-treat each rug with a safe and eco-friendly dual soap solution. Pressure washing is used to apply this dual solution to loosen and remove dissolved minerals that cling to the rug over time.

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area rug manual wash guelph

Manual Wash

Following the pre-treatment application, our rug cleaning professionals use powerful pressure washers to loosen your rug’s fibres and extract dirt deep within, followed by extensive rinsing with fresh water.


Machine Wash

The rugs then go through a rug cleaning machine that functions like a car wash following manual washing. Each rug is gently scrubbed with a line of brush pads that deep clean and remove mineral deposits and stains altogether. Using this machine will ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned, including its pile and fringe, without damaging it.

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We will then roll up your rug and place it into our centrifuge machine. The centrifuge will remove all of the remaining water and moisture from your rug.



We then dry the rugs in our climate-controlled drying room to remove all remaining moisture from the rug’s fibres after the centrifuge has raked out 90% of the water. Our drying room ensures your rug is completely dry and that it is free of any mould and mildew.

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Final Inspection

We will perform a final rug inspection to ensure quality control after drying it dries for a full 12 hours. Every inch of your rug is inspected, recorded, and photographed. The rugs are then lightly airbrushed to recondition and remove loose fibres.


Packaged Ready to Ship

After the final inspection, we will safely and securely deliver it back to you when the rug has met our standards.

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Rug Repair Guelph

You do not need to throw away your area rugs just because they have missing fringes, tears, rips, or burns. After a rug is restored by the experts at Love Your Rug, it will look brand new. In Guelph, we have more than a century of experience repairing area rugs, and we always strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

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Area Rug Re-Fringing

As rugs and carpets age, their fringes may become damaged. If this happens, we can replace the fringes on your favourite rug. The re-fringing of area rugs is carried out on-site by highly qualified experts. There is a wide variety of fringe style options available to you, so you can select the one that best complements your rug. It is not uncommon for our customers to upgrade to better quality fringes at the same price.

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Area Rug Resurging

Reurging your area rug will be necessary when the outside edges are worn out or are starting to unravel. Resurrecting a rug involves carefully selecting the threading for colour and type by our tailor and implementing it by machine into the rug's edge. In addition to strengthening and protecting the rug's foundation, the threading also prevents existing knots from unravelling.

area rug cutting binding guelph

Rug Cutting and Binding

Our rug cutting and binding services are ideal for industrial rugs that need to fit in your home or office. Any shape you need will be cut and bound according to your specifications. Our tailors will individually pattern and cut your carpets by hand according to your measurements. Synthetic borders will then be machine-sewn securely around the rug's edges.

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Area Rug Cleaning

A professional rug cleaning service is provided by Love Your Rug using the most advanced technology and equipment available. To provide the best possible cleaning for your rug, we follow a three-step process that incorporates dusting, cleaning and drying. Our experts will then use specially blended detergents and stain removal techniques to manually remove any dirty stains not removed by our cleaning machines.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Guelph

When it comes to carpets in your home, hiring professional carpet cleaners at least once a year is highly beneficial. We provide carpet steam cleaning services in Guelph to remove unsightly dirt and debris, unpleasant odours, and dangerous bacteria.

In addition to advanced, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products, we use industry-leading technologies to provide a deep clean that you will not be able to achieve by yourself. We perform pre-inspection, pre-treatment, steam cleaning, and deodorization as part of our comprehensive process. Our carpet cleaning service in Guelph will make your carpet smell fresh, feel soft and look revitalized!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Our Rug Cleaning Services in Guelph

Love Your Rug offers affordable prices, convenient pick-up, and premium rug cleaning. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee reflects this commitment to our customers. With over a century of experience in cleaning area rugs in Guelph, we are confident that our results will exceed your expectations.

Should you be dissatisfied with the rug cleaning work done by Love Your Rug in Guelph, please let us know, and we will re-clean your rug for free.


Leaders in Area Rug Cleaning

  • Two, 10,000 Sq Ft Rug Cleaning Facilities
  • Over a Million Rugs Cleaned in Guelph

Specialty Area Rug Cleaning Serving Guelph, Ontario

Cleaning special and delicate rugs like silk, Persian, animal skin, and oriental rugs can be challenging. Nevertheless, Love Your Rug can handle any rug cleaning job, no matter how difficult. Keeping specialty area rugs clean will help them last longer and stay in good condition. Your extraordinary area rug will receive the tender loving care it deserves at Love Your Rug in Guelph.

persian rug cleaning guelph
Persian Rug Cleaners Guelph

Love Your Rug is a trusted Persian rug cleaner in Guelph. The intricate designs on your Persian rug will be brought to life by our professional rug cleaners with the latest rug cleaning techniques.

oriental rug cleaning guelph
Oriental Rug Cleaning Guelph

The uniqueness of oriental rugs lies in the fact that they are made of heavy textiles and are decorated with vibrant colours. We will thoroughly clean these thick, dense fibres to bring out the colours on your rug.

silk rug cleaning guelph
Silk Rug Cleaning Guelph

It takes expertise and attention to detail to handle silk, a delicate and beautiful natural fibre. At Love Your Rug, we ensure that your rugs are cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage.

wool rug cleaning guelph
Wool Rug Cleaning Guelph

Every room can be made cozier and more comfortable with wool rugs. Our Guelph wool rug cleaning service will maintain your wool rug's unique texture and natural durability.

cowhide rug cleaning guelph
Cowhide Rug Cleaning Guelph

Cowhide rugs, as well as rugs made from other animal skins, are timeless decor pieces. You can trust our rug cleaners in Guelph to keep your animal skin rug soft and maintain its classic beauty.

flokati rug cleaning guelph
Flokati Rug Cleaning Guelph

Rugs made of flokati fibres are soft and durable, but they tend to be white, so it is essential to clean them regularly. We will keep your flokati rug soft, fluffy, and stain-free.


Cleaning Rugs in Guelph for Over a Century!

In addition to removing dirt, soil, grime, grease, and odours from your rug, Love Your Rug will also maintain your rugs’ lustre. We are equipped to handle all your rug cleaning, and repair needs using our advanced cleaning technologies, team of skilled rug specialists, and state-of-the-art facility. Our online price calculator provides an instant rug cleaning price and allows you to schedule a pickup today.

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If you are a first-time customer, enjoy a 30% coupon for our ready in 7 days rug cleaning service.