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ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning


Rug Cleaning Barrie Ontario


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Why Choose Love Your Rug In Barrie

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free rug pickup delivery Barrie

FREE Next-Day Rug Pick-Up in Barrie

We offer FREE next-day rug pick-up in Barrie. Your rug will be delivered back clean within one week. Schedule a pick-up at the time and place of your choice below.

in house carpet cleaning

Professional In-House Carpet Cleaning in Barrie

Besides area rug cleaning, our experts also offer in-home carpet cleaning in Barrie. Learn more about our Barrie carpet cleaning services below.


Accredited Rug Cleaners In Barrie

Since 1987, Love Your Rug has steadily earned a reputation for outstanding rug cleaning and repair service in Barrie. We are proud to have received multiple Consumers Choice awards as well as The Top Choice Mark of Excellence awards by consumers across Canada. Our cutting-edge technology and skilled staff deliver better results than other carpet cleaner services in Barrie. 

HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2021

Best of Award Winner

Consumer Choice Award Rug Cleaning GTA

Consumer Choice Award Winner

BBB Accredited Business a Rated

BBB Accredited

Top Choice Award Rug Cleaners

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence


Trusted Rug Cleaners in Barrie

Rugs beautify your home and ensure a comfortable walking surface. But it doesn’t take long for rugs to trap dirt, dust, dander, mould spores, pests, allergens and

particle pollution. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends having your rug cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company three to four times a year.

We are among the top-rated rug cleaners in Barrie, in business for over 30 years and continuing to delight rug owners in Barrie with superior rug cleaning. Our skilled experts carefully put your rug through sophisticated

cleaning equipment and use eco-friendly detergents that expunge all the dirt and debris from your rug. The cleaning techniques we use agitate rug fibres to

dislodge stains and eliminate odour completely without any damage to your rug.

Rug Cleaning Barrie
Rug Cleaning Near Me in Barrie
Cleaning rugs in Barrier for over a Century

Servicing Barrie For Over A Century

Thank you for reposing your faith in us. Without your support, we would not be the best-rated carpet cleaner in Barrie. Our deep cleaning process ensures we always achieve excellent results for our customers. Our rug repair services have been perfected by years of improving the look of worn-out carpeting and an understanding of how residential and commercial facilities use their carpets. Our success is based on our customers’ continued loyalty and positive word of mouth throughout Barrie and we want to thank all our customers for their trust and support.

Love Your Rug’s Nine-Step Process

The talented rug cleaning experts use state-of-the-art rug cleaning technology as well as a hands-on approach to deep clean your beloved area rugs.



First, we will closely inspect your area rug to identify stains, damage, discolouration and any special requests you may have. Everything is examined from the rug fibres, fringes, colouration to underpadding. The rugs are catalogued in our system with a unique tag based on the type of material, size and origin of the rug.

Area Rug Inspection Toronto
Area Rug Dusting


Our top-of-the-line dusting machine will then extract every dust particle from the rug.


Pre Treatment

Next, we pre-treat each area rug with a safe and eco-friendly dual solution of soap before they are machine washed. This dual solution is applied by pressure washing each rug to soften and break down dissolved minerals that cling to your rug over time.

Area Rug Cleaning Pre Treatment Toronto
Area Rug Manual Wash Barrie

Manual Wash

After the pre-treatment is applied, our rug cleaning experts use powerful pressure washers to loosen up fibres and extract dirt from deep within your rug, followed by extensive rinsing with fresh water.


Machine Wash

Next, the rugs are machine washed using a special rug cleaning machine that works like a car wash. Each rug is gently scrubbed by a line of soft brush pads that deep clean and altogether remove remaining mineral deposits and stains. The use of this machine ensures that your rug is thoroughly washed including rug pile and fringes, without damaging your rug in the process.

Area Rug Washing Machine Barrie
Area Rug Draining Machine


Your rug will then be rolled up and put into our centrifuge machine. In the centrifuge, all the remaining water and moisture is completely removed from your rug.



After the centrifuge wrings out 90% of the water, the rugs go to our climate-controlled drying room to remove all remaining water from the fibres of the rug. Our drying room will ensure your rug is completely dry and safe from mildew and mould.

Area Rug Drying Barrie
Area Rug Inspection

Final Inspection

After the rug has been in the drying room for 12 hours, we will perform a final inspection to ensure quality control. We inspect every inch of your rug, recording and photographing the results. Each rug is lightly airbrushed to recondition and remove loose fibres from your rugs.


Packaged Ready to Ship

Once the rug has reached our standards after the final inspection, we will safely and securely deliver it back to you!

Safe Area Rug Packaging

Our Barrie Google Reviews

Read our genuine Google reviews about our rug cleaning services in Barrie and find out the quality of work that you can expect from Love Your Rug.

Debra Smith

Professional and thorough. After completing the online form, I was contacted to arrange a pickup for my rug. They cleaned my rug and returned it withing days. Great job Love Your Rug! I highly recommend and will be using their services again!

Cj New York

This is really a 5 star business there service is 5 star, my rug came back brand new. I didn’t doubt it but didn’t think it would look brand new. Will send rest of rugs after new year.

Sandy Marance

I will now use this company for all my area rug cleaning. Such a great price, great service and fantastic job. Pick up and drop off was prompt. Rush order completed on time. Communication excellent.

100% satisfaction guaranteed rug cleaning

100% Customer Satisfaction with Our Rug Cleaning Services in Barrie

Our state-of-the-art cleaning centres near Barrie are well resourced to handle a large volume of orders and meet delivery times without fail. No shoddy work, no middlemen, no confusions – your rugs receive the utmost care and attention.

If you are not satisfied with our rug cleaning or repair services in Barrie, please let us know and we will re-service your rug at no additional cost.

Premium Rug Cleaning Services in Barrie

On top of our industry-leading rug cleaning services, we offer the following additional rug cleaning services for any customers in Barrie who may require them.
Area Rug Enzyme Treatment
Area Rug Enzyme Treatment

Our Area Rug Enzyme Treatment gives you peace of mind knowing that unpleasant odours and dangerous bacteria won’t return to your area rug. This treatment will penetrate deep into your area rug’s fibres and ensure harmful bacteria don’t make an unwanted comeback. We recommend this enzyme treatment for people with deep stains from pets and high foot traffic.

Area Rug Disinfectant
Area Rug Disinfectant

If you have pets or children, our area rug disinfectant is perfect for you. It is 100% safe for not only humans and animals but also for the environment! The disinfectant kills bacteria, deodorizes your area rug and improves the air quality in your home. The cherry on top is it will give your area rug an irresistible fresh, yet very mild and pleasant lemony scent so it will look, feel and smell brand new every time!

Area Rug-Scotchgard
Area Rug Fabric Protector

The area rug Fabric Protector treatment is a premium rug protector solution that makes it easier to wipe stains clean off of your area rug if spills happen in the future. It additionally makes future professional area rug cleaning easier and extends the life of your rug. This treatment is ideal for area rugs in high traffic areas such as dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Area Rug Stain Removal
Area Rug Stain Removal

Additional area rug stain removal may be required if your rug has tricky stains such as greasy, oily stains from bodily fluids, food or beverage spills. Our experienced rug technicians will pre-spray and work on minimizing and often completely eliminating the stain. If the stain isn’t stuck to the rug’s fibres, it will come out with our proven rug stain removal methods.

Non Slip-Rug Pad
Non-Slip Rug Pad

Our heavy-duty non-slip rug pad provides a strong grip to prevent the rug from slipping and moving. We offer three different kinds of rug pads— Eco By Design, Eco Preferred & Eco Supreme, each catering to individual needs. Along with thick and medium cushioning, we also offer thin rug pads that do not add height or obstruct door clearance. Our products come with a special moisture barrier to prevent any liquid from seeping into your rug and ruining your hardwood floors.

Our Barrie Reviews

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

494 reviews


1 weeks ago
good work


1 weeks ago
Many thanks for your great service. Can't believe how beautiful my rug is now that it is clean will certainly use your services for future . Happy new year.

Alan Ng

2 weeks ago
wow! i am absolutely impressed by the workmanship! It is so good that my coat looks new and was not repaired. i will definitely use your service again and i will tell my friends and family for sure!

Janice Thomson

1 weeks ago
you did a great job thank you!! I would definitely use your service again!! And i have used it now three times!!
Rug Repair Barrie

Rug Repair in Barrie

Looking to revitalize a well-worn rug? Our rug repair solutions address a range of issues, including:

  • Missing or damaged tufts
  • Snagging (disfigurement of tufts)
  • Fuzzing & Shading
  • Burns, tears, frayed and chewed-up ends

Like our thorough rug cleaning in Barrie, our rug repair services restore the appearance of your precious rugs.

  • Refringing: With our large selection of rug fringe types, your new fringes will look as good as new.
  • Resurging: Prevent knots from unravelling and reinforce your rug’s foundation.
  • Cutting and binding: Get your area rug cut precisely to a custom size.
Area Rug Re-fringing

Area Rug Refringing in Barrie

The fringes on your favourite area rug may experience wear and tear over the years. Thankfully the experts at Love Your Rug are able to replace the fringes for you. All of our rug repair work is done at our state-of-the-art facility. You’ll be able to select your own high-quality replacement fringe to give your rug an upgrade.

Oriental and Persian rug resurging

Area Rug Resurging in Barrie

The outer edges of area rugs often get worn out and begin to unravel. When you notice this, bring your rug to Love Your Rug where our experts will use our cutting-edge machinery to resurge your rug to reinforce and preserve its foundation. They will carefully select the right type and colour threading so your rug will look brand new and be stronger than ever.

Area Rug Cutting and Binding

Rug Cutting and Binding in Barrie

If you’ve purchased a rug that’s too large or not the right shape for a room in your home, you’re in luck. Love Your Rug offers cutting and binding services. Our tailors will expertly pattern and cut your rug according to the proper measurements then bind the rugs’ edges with our binding machine and you’ll have the perfect size and shape rug!

Area Rug Cleaning Barrie

Area Rug Cleaning in Barrie

Professional area Rug Cleaning services are our specialty at Love Your Rug. We have the best rug cleaning equipment and technology in Barrie. Our tried-and-true 3 step process will dust, clean and dry your rug to perfection. Any stains will be manually removed using specially blended detergents and stain removal techniques.

Rug Cleaners

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Barrie

Love Your Rug has been cleaning carpets in Barrie since 1987. We’re so confident in our carpet cleaning services that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with our carpet cleaning professionals’ work, we’ll re-service your carpet FOR FREE! 


With Love Your Rug in Barrie, there are no subs or middlemen, just fresh, clean carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Barrie

The Most Sophisticated Rug Cleaning Equipment in Barrie

When considering area rug cleaning in Barrie, rug owners may ask questions about the cleaning machinery and techniques used by the service provider. These inquiries are especially important when the area rugs have a delicate construction or if they are expensive, with considerable antique value. Love Your Rug uses proven cleaning techniques, unaggressive detergents and sophisticated cleaning equipment that remove dirt build-up without impacting the colour, texture or life of your carpets.



Area Rug Dusting


Area Rug Cleaning


Area Rug Drying

State-Of-The-Art Rug Cleaners

Leaders in Area Rug Cleaning

  • Two, 10,000 Sq Ft Rug Cleaning Facilities
  • Over a Million Rugs Cleaned in Barrie

Specialty Area Rug Cleaning in Barrie

We are a versatile rug cleaner in Barrie with experience restoring different types of area rugs, and an intimate familiarity with synthetic and natural carpeting fibres.

Persian Rug Cleaning Barrie
Persian Rug Cleaning Barrie

Preserve the beauty and value of your Persian rug with our specialized rug cleaning process in Barrie.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrie
Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrie

Rid your Oriental rug of grime, odour and stains anywhere in Barrie with our deep cleaning methods.

Silk Rug Cleaning Barrie
Silk Rug Cleaning Barrie

Return your silk rug to its original lustre with our careful yet thorough rug treatment anywhere in Barrie.

Wool Rug Cleaning Barrie
Wool Rug Cleaning Barrie

We remove every bit of dirt from the grooves and overlaps of your rug’s wool fibres. We serve all of Barrie.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning Barrie
Cowhide Rug Cleaning Barrie

Our advanced cleaning machines in Barrie eliminate dirt, dust and spills from animal-hide rugs.

Flokati Rug Cleaning Barrie
Flokati Rug Cleaning Barrie

You will waste no time lying down on your thicker, softer and fluffier Flokati rug once you try our cleaning services in Barrie.

Rug Repair Pickup Delivery Barrie

Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Barrie

We are in Barrie every week. We offer rug cleaning and delivery services throughout Barrie, Ontario every Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Pickup and delivery times are subject to traffic, but we will do our best to reach you on time. 

Major Cities Served

Barrie Rug Cleaning Report 2019


The following report outlines the average rug cleaning and repair habits of an average household in Barrie.


According to the 2016 census, the population of Barrie is 145,614. Between 2011 and 2016, the population of Barrie increased by 3.7%. There are 55,655 households and an average of 2.7 people per household. The average number of rooms per private dwelling in Barrie is 6.9.


Considering an average of 6.9 rooms per dwelling, at least two rooms are rugged – the living and dining rooms. These are also the most used rooms by occupants. Given the 55,655 households in Barrie, the average number of rugs at two rugs per household would be 111,310. In other words, Barrie has an average of 111,310 rugs that need professional cleaning and repairing to maintain their sheen and extend their life.  

Barrie Trusted Rug Cleaner

If you are a first-time customer, enjoy a 30% coupon for our ready in 7 days rug cleaning service.