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Love Your Rug Toronto Reviews

Rug Cleaning Toronto Reviews
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By Robert Binnick on Jan 22, 2021
I was genuinely satisfied. It was very handy having the jacket picked up and delivered. And the work was all it should be; the damage to my jacket is barely noticeable-you have to really look for it. I was delighted by the repair.

By Pat s on May 07, 2021
Thank you. Great service!

By Magda Majewski on May 06, 2021
I am very pleased, thank you!

By Mary on May 05, 2021
I must say: Moni is a remarkable person. He had to work very hard to pick up my rugs because of the distance of the condo is far from the delivery area. Thank you for having such wonderful people working for you.

By Timothy on May 04, 2021
From: Timothy B Sent: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 5:14 PM To: Love Your Rug Subject: Re: quote form copy love your rug Hi Love Your Rug Team I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with your service. The entire process was so easy; from quote to pick up to rug return, it was all seamless! Our rugs were cleaned beautifully even though I declined the spot removal service. They also smell great! I will also be posting my positive reviews online when I have the time. In this day and age when companies field far more complaints than compliments, I just wanted to let you know that everyone did such a great job. Stay safe & healthy Kim B Timothy B

By John McD on May 03, 2021
Service was good thanks guys carpets are great. The young girl who took my call fantastic she does a great job. Seems like she takes her job very seriously. Told me she was going to call me back at a certain time and she did. She's a keeper

By Calvin Genereux on May 02, 2021
You guys ruined a beautiful carpet my parents paid $3,000 for 30 years ago can't imagine what it would be worth today.They gave me the rug a year ago you guys cleaned it it came back damaged really bad rip down the side chunks of Crystal stuck in the carpet discoloring and when I tried to contact nobody was even willing to help or come see the damage I sent pictures and it still didn't matter. It didn't even have a spot on it and really didn't even need to be clean but needless to say totally damaged it I'm too ashamed to tell me parents terrible company don't deal with them
By Jim St. Pierre on May 03, 2021
Thank you for reaching out. Our team cleaned your rug on August 18th, 2020, we are unaware of how or where you stored your rug since then. You can reach out to Jim St Pierre one of our managers to discuss your concerns. He can be reached at 416-538-8669.

By Chris on Apr 30, 2021
Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you...i often complain about how good courteous customer service is becoming a lost art. Not the case here. From initial call to having my rug returned everything was wonderful...Other business could learn from you. Thank you for not only a great job with our rug but for the overall quality of customer experience. Have a great weekend. Stay safe and keep well.

By Christine on Apr 22, 2021
The custom duvet cover was done beautifully.

By Carol R on Apr 29, 2021
Hello Kathy and "Love Your Rug" I'm writing to thank your company for the convenient delivery service, providing accurate dates for pick up and delivery, and the affordable price you charged to thoroughly clean our area rugs! What a relief to have found you! Years ago, I contacted a local rug cleaner and was given such a high price, we had to clean the rug ourselves on our back deck, which as you would know, doesn't work well. More years went by and another rug cleaner took a rug, then he had an illness sadly, but rather than tell us that was why it was taking weeks longer to return the rug, than the dates given (which we would have had understood), he returned the rug uncleaned as though it were cleaned!! You could still see the coffee table leg impression dents on the rug when he unrolled it. He did refund our money, but by this time I was so deflated not knowing where to turn, so the rugs have sat for years!! without being cleaned and I keep a clean house, so it has truly bothered me! We renovated our kitchen all winter and they simply had to be cleaned or we were going to pay to replace them, which would be an added expense we didn't need, so I took a chance on your company and I'm so delighted to have found a company who does exactly what they say for a price that people can actually afford! We will recommend you and we thank you all for providing us with a great service! Carol R West Ottawa

By Paula on Apr 29, 2021
Thank you for your great service

By BRENDA C on Apr 29, 2021
great service thanks.

By Denise on Apr 28, 2021
Kathy: Thank you for your excellent customer service. The rug looks terrific and all the people i've dealth with from the original phone call to both delivery people and the employees on the phone have been courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and effective--always got a phone call when the van was about 15 min. away for pick up and delivery. Thank you so much. I've recommen you (already have)to any one who needs repair or cleaning of their household items. Thank you. Be Well. Take care. As always

By Roland I on Apr 28, 2021
thanks for a great job really looks much better Roland

By tony pony_1805 on Apr 27, 2021
The rug doesn't look much cleaner than before. Has what looks like a mixture of clean streaks and dirty streaks. Disappointed!
By Jim St. Pierre on Apr 29, 2021
Hi, If you could send us along your full name or the email address we have listed with your order so we can reach out to you.

By Petrisa on Apr 26, 2021
We had our rugs cleaned and love the results.

By Carrie M on Apr 26, 2021
your customer experience is the BEST of any company i have ever dealt with!!! I worked in the service industry all my life and 21 of those years with Bell Canada. Your entire end to end customer service process is absolutely flawless::: Cannot sing your praises enough. I will be a "Love Your Centre" customer FOREVER!!! Tx, Carrie

By Sabine P on Apr 23, 2021
They look amazing! Thank you!

By Duane on Apr 23, 2021
Thank you! You did a nice job with the rug!

By Charles P on Apr 23, 2021
Thank you very much it looks great!

By Angela M on Apr 16, 2021
Received! Thanks for the wonderful service. My jacket looks great.

By Stefania on Apr 16, 2021
Amazing service

By Christine on Apr 22, 2021
6 stars and 6 smiley faces

By Dave on Apr 22, 2021
you did a really nice job. Thank you!
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