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There is beauty in a clean and well-maintained rug. Unfortunately, all rugs, no matter how well maintained they are, are susceptible to the collection of allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold, and other allergy and infection causing substances. There is also the added problem of their endless exposure to grime, spills, and stains that make rugs look dirty and unsightly. Rugs are so susceptible to getting dirty that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends getting them cleaned three to four times a year.

With our dedicated focus on rug cleaning, you can be sure that when we service your rug we wont just do a surface job. We get rid of all types of trapped allergens by thoroughly removing them out of the rugs fibers with our high-tech rug cleaning equipment. Dirt, grime, and stains are thoroughly cleaned, giving your rug a healthy, clean and fresh appearance. We use eco-friendly detergents that thoroughly yet gently clean your rugs, without causing any fading. Stains and odours are carefully treated and removed as well.

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Rug Repair in Hamilton

Did you know that if your expensive, precious rug is damaged we can repair it to its original form? It takes a certain level of craftsmanship to be able to repair rugs and we are Canada’s largest rug repair centre servicing Hamilton, with the expertise to get the job done every time. Rug damage is caused by contact with humans, furniture, and pets that leads to abrasion, fuzzing, and shading. Sunlight damage is inevitable, and water damage can occur due to carelessness. Whatever the type or extent of damage, if not attended to immediately, the rugs can become even more difficult to repair.

Love Your Rug in Hamilton provides exceptional and thorough rug repair services. Our services include resurging, cutting and bonding, re-fringing and colour restoration. If you are unhappy with the original fringe and would like it replaced with something new, we will happily take that on as well. During the resurging process, our master craftsmen painstakingly choose matching threads to complete the job so that when you see your rug, you won’t be able to tell it was repaired. If you cannot deliver your damaged rug to our facility, we will have it picked up and delivered to you at no extra cost.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Hamilton

With our onsite carpet cleaning in Hamilton, your carpet will look good as new in less than 24 hours! We’ll get rid of all the pet hair, bacteria, mould, dirt and debris hidden in the deeper layers of your carpet, as well as surface-level stains. Love Your Rug’s team of carpet cleaning experts can eliminate even the toughest dirt and stains in your carpet.

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When a rug gets dirty and soiled, it’s not just the top layer that needs to be cleaned. Dust, dirt, and grime can get lodged and settled deep within a rug, and stains can seep into its very fibers. All this makes it difficult to clean with standard rug cleaning equipment. Love Your Rug in Hamilton has invested millions of dollars in the most sophisticated rug cleaning equipment and facilities in the World to your rugs the most customized and thorough cleaning available in Hamilton.



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100% Customer Satisfaction with Our Rug Repair and Cleaning Services in Hamilton

Love Your Rug in Hamilton offers the most advanced rug cleaning services in the country. With the help of our sophisticated rug cleaning equipment as well as talented rug technicians who manually service each rug, our cleaning process is so thorough that we offer our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Love Your Rug believes in keeping its customers satisfied always.

If you are not satisfied with the rug cleaning or rug repair services that you receive from Love Your Rug in Hamilton, please let us know and we will re-service your rug at no additional cost.


Rug Cleaning in Hamilton, Ontario for Specialty Rugs

Your precious Persian, Oriental, silk, wool, Flokati and animal hide rugs are composed of special fibers that need to be delicately cared for. Regularly cleaning these rugs 3-4 times per year will help them retain their lustre for as long as possible. When cleaned regularly, these specialty rugs are also easier to maintain and will require less rigorous cleaning, which is important as they cannot withstand the same treatment that ordinary carpets or rugs can. Love Your Rug in Hamilton will undertake the cleaning services of all your antique and delicate rugs by customizing our treatments to each individual rug.

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At Love Your Rug in Hamilton, our precision cleaning will enhance the quality of your priceless Persian rug

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We deliver the perfect cleaning solution to bring back your Oriental rug’s beauty anywhere in Hamilton.

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Your expensive silk rug will be handled with the utmost care and cleaned to perfection by our experts in Hamilton.

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Our experts in Hamilton use eco-friendly detergents on wool for a safe, 100% natural feel.

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We have the expertise, the technology, and the experience to deliver super clean rugs anywhere in Hamilton.

Flokati Rug Cleaning Hamilton

Irrespective of the texture of your rug, we provide optimized cleaning solutions in Hamilton.

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Love Your Rug is an award-winning rug cleaning and rug repair service in Hamilton, Ontario. We have been in the rug cleaning and rug repair business for over a century and we understand the market requirements for clean rugs better than other rug cleaners in Hamilton. We always strive to provide only the best rug cleaning and rug repair services in Hamilton. Our continued excellence has helped us achieve multiple Consumers Choice Awards as well as The Top Choice Mark of Excellence Awards by consumers in Hamilton and across the country.

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With our fleet of trucks on the road every day, Love Your Rug offers residents of Hamilton our convenient rug pickup and delivery services. Our regular pickup route in Hamilton is every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm, however we do offer next-day pickups in Hamilton upon request. Call us today to schedule a pickup from your location in Hamilton.

Pickup times depend on traffic, but we do our best to be on time.

Our pickup and delivery routes cover downtown Hamilton as well as all the locations around and within Hamilton: from Campbellville Rd and Millburough Line (North East Hamilton), to Hamilton St N and Dundas St E (South East Hamilton), then down to Queen Elizabeth Way and Fifty Rd (Southern Hamilton) up Westbrook Rd to York Rd and all the way up to Haldibrook Rd. From here our route continues all the way to the African Lion Safari then to HWY 6 and 401 Macdonald-Cartier Fwy. Call us today.

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If your area rugs are damaged and in need of repair or are dirty and require cleaning, Love Your Rug in Hamilton has the largest cleaning facilities in Canada and the best rug experts in the Country. We clean area rugs and repair rug rips, tears, scratches, toxic spills, wear and tear, and most other rug damage.

Our customers believe we are the best area rug cleaning service in Hamilton and our reviews prove this. Join our group of happy customers in Hamilton, many of which have been getting their rugs serviced by us for Over a Century.


Hamilton Rug Cleaning Report 2019


The following report outlines the average rug cleaning and rug repair habits of an average household in Hamilton.


The population of Hamilton, according to the 2016 census, is 536,917, as opposed to 519,949 in 2011. Between 2011 and 2016, the population increased by 3.3%. This indicates a slow but steady rise in the population, and therefore, the number of households in Hamilton, Ontario. The population density per square kilometre in Hamilton has risen to 480.6. There are 222,918 private dwellings, of which 211,596 are occupied by usual residents. The average household size is 2.5. The average rooms per dwelling is 6.4. There are 51,925 one to four-room dwellings and 66,105 eight-room dwellings.

There are 222,918 private dwellings in Hamilton, Canada with an average of 6.4 rooms per dwelling, and an average of 2.5 persons per dwelling.
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Out of the average of 6.4 rooms per dwelling in Hamilton, we can assume that at least two of these rooms have a rug – the living room and the dining room. These are the rooms that are most extensively used. With 222,918 private dwellings, that’s double the number of rugs that need cleaning in Hamilton – a whopping 445,836 rugs that need regular cleaning and repair.


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