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In-House Carpet Cleaning

We offer professional in-house carpet cleaning in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and we love making carpets clean.


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At Love Your Rug we always strive to be ahead of our competitors by providing only the best rug cleaning and rug repair services in Canada. Our continued excellence has helped us achieve the Consumers Choice Award, as well as the Top Choice Mark of Excellence Award by consumers nationwide, giving you another reason to choose Love Your Rug

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Specialty Rug Cleaning

Love Your Rug specializes in offering professional area rug cleaning services to residents of Ontario, Canada. We dust, clean and dry area rugs using highly efficient and effective rug cleaning technologies

Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto
Persian Rug Cleaning

We offer the most secure, highest quality Persian rug cleaning in Toronto and Southern Ontario...

Oriental Rug Cleaners Toronto
Oriental Rug Cleaning

We are rated as the best oriental rug cleaner in the country. We'll make your Oriental carpet look new...

Silk Rug Cleaners Toronto
Silk Rug Cleaning

Our silk rug cleaning process is as delicate as your beloved silk area rug. We have cleaned 1000's of silk rugs...

Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto
Wool Rug Cleaning

We will make your wool rug look as good as new once it goes through our award-winning wool carpet cleaning process...

Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Whether you have a real, fake, white, black or faux cowhide rug we will make it look new...

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Let Love Your Rug in Toronto bring life back into your Flokati area rug so it smells fresh and looks clean...


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Love Your Rug we take pride in our industry-leading rug cleaning services in Toronto. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our rug cleaning services ensures that our customers are confident in getting their prized area rug professionally cleaned with us. We have cleaned well over a million of area rugs since 1894 and we are confident that you will be happy with our professional work.

If you are not satisfied with the rug cleaning or rug repair services that you receive from Love Your Rug in Toronto, we will re-service your rug at no additional cost.

State-Of-The-Art Rug Cleaners

Leaders in Area Rug Cleaning

  • Two, 10,000 Sq Ft Rug Cleaning Facilities
  • Over 1 Million Rugs Cleaned
leaders in area rug cleaning toronto

Professional Carpet Cleaning Toronto & G.T.A.

Dirty carpets are not only unsafe for your family due to the harmful bacteria and allergens that get trapped inside of them, but the dirt and debris also speed up the deterioration process and decrease the longevity of your expensive carpet. Our proven process for carpet cleaning in Toronto is performed thoroughly with the latest carpet cleaning equipment and eco, human and pet friendly products. Our carpet cleaning technicians will have your carpet looking new and smelling fresh in no time. From pre-inspection to pre-treatment, steam carpet cleaning and deodorization, we are Toronto’s trusted carpet cleaners.

  • We Service Southern Ontario
  • No Subs, No Middleman

Most advanced truck-mount systems for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Toronto

Latest Rug Cleaning Technology in Canada

Love Your Rug specializes in offering professional area rug cleaning services to residents of Ontario, Canada. We dust, clean and dry area rugs using highly efficient and effective rug cleaning technologies.



Area Rug Dusting


Area Rug Cleaning


Area Rug Drying

Premium Rug Cleaning Services in Toronto

On top of our industry-leading rug cleaning services, we offer the following additional rug cleaning services for any customers who may require them.

area rug enzyme treatment toronto east
Area Rug Enzyme Treatment

Our Area Rug Enzyme Treatment gives you peace of mind knowing that unpleasant odours and dangerous bacteria won’t return to your area rug. This treatment will penetrate deep into your area rug’s fibres and ensure harmful bacteria don’t make an unwanted comeback. We recommend this enzyme treatment for people with deep stains from pets and high foot traffic.

area rug disinfectant toronto
Area Rug Disinfectant

If you have pets or children, our area rug disinfectant is perfect for you. It is 100% safe for not only humans and animals but also for the environment! The disinfectant kills bacteria, deodorizes your area rug and improves the air quality in your home. The cherry on top is it will give your area rug an irresistible fresh, yet very mild and pleasant lemony scent so it will look, feel and smell brand new every time!

area rug scotchgard toronto
Area Rug Scotchgard

The area rug Scotchgard treatment is a premium rug protector solution that makes it easier to wipe stains clean off of your area rug if spills happen in the future. It additionally makes future professional area rug cleaning easier and extends the life of your rug. This treatment is ideal for area rugs in high traffic areas such as dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

area rug stain removal toronto
Area Rug Stain Removal

Additional area rug stain removal may be required if your rug has tricky stains such as greasy, oily stains from bodily fluids, food or beverage spills. Our experienced rug technicians will pre-spray and work on minimizing and often completely eliminating the stain. If the stain isn’t stuck to the rug’s fibres, it will come out with our proven rug stain removal methods.


Area Rug Cleaners
For Over a Century

We take special pride in offering our customers top-quality carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services at prices much lower than the other rug and carpet cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in the following services: Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Silk Rug Cleaning, Wool Rug Cleaning, Synthetic Rug Cleaning, Sheep Skin Cleaning, Cow Skin Cleaning, Flokati Rug Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning.
Rug Repair Pickup Delivery Toronto

FREE Weekly Rug Cleaning Pickup & Delivery in Southern Ontario

Our rug pickup and delivery is available throughout Southern Ontario, from London all the way to Ottawa. Check out our low prices, dates and times for your location and schedule your rug cleaning pickup now.

Love Your Rug News

Oct 2021
A look at the latest rug cleaning techniques
Professional rug cleaning services in Toronto use various techniques to get your dirty rugs sparkling clean again. Steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction-based cleaning involves using pressurized hot water, which dissolves the dirt stuck to the rug by agitating the rug’s fibre. Encapsulation involves the use of synthetic detergents, which loosen dirt particles and turn them into powder. This powdered dirt can either be brushed or vacuumed. Rug shampooing is an effective technique for cleaning rugs that are heavily soiled. However, encapsulation has gained popularity as it doesn’t leave behind wet foam residues.
Sep 2021
How to Find the Best Rug Repair Shop
Your rug is a big investment, one that needs to be preserved. So, if your rug ever needs repair, you should take it to the best rug repair service. It is a good idea to check the reputation of a rug cleaning agency before you entrust the care of your rug to them. Typically, a reputable company will provide you with referrals without hesitation, and you may also want to ask your family, friends, and neighbours for recommendations regarding local rug repair shops. Call or email each company to inquire about their rug repair services. In addition, it’s important to ask about the company’s expertise in repairing your particular rug. You are in luck if you live in Toronto. At Love your Leather, we provide specialized and professional rug repair services to the residents and businesses in Southern Ontario, Canada.
Jul 2021
Give your silk rugs the love they deserve
Silk rugs look stunning in any room, especially one with a lot of light to bring out its vibrant colours and lustre. However, your silk rugs require extra care. That means ensuring that they are cleaned regularly. But cleaning silk rugs can be tricky – not because silk rugs are hard to clean or they are delicate – but because the dyes can bleed. Silk rugs can be costly, so it’s best to give them the professional care they deserve. If you are looking for a silk rug cleaning company in Toronto, you will find several, however, choose a company that has an excellent record of cleaning silk rugs.
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