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We now offer same-day pickups for rug cleaning and rug repair in Whitby Ontario. Click below to see our prices and to book.

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We offer the fastest rug cleaning service in Whitby. Your rug will be delivered back to you fresh and clean in 7 days.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

You have nothing to lose but the dirt out of your rug. If you are not happy we will re-clean your area rug at no extra fee.


Trusted Rug Cleaners in Whitby

No matter how well you look after your rug, it is always going to be susceptible to getting dirty and stained. Allergens such as dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold, pollen, and everyday grime, spills, and stains make rugs look unsightly. The allergens that get trapped in rugs also pose a health risk, which is why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends getting your rugs cleaned three to four times a year.

At Love Your Rug in Whitby, we use only the most sophisticated rug cleaning equipment and protocols to service your dirty rugs. Dirt, grime, and stains are thoroughly cleaned, giving your rug a healthy, clean and fresh appearance. We use eco-friendly detergents that thoroughly yet gently clean your rug without causing any fading or damage. Odours and stains are carefully treated and removed as well. We guarantee you will be thrilled with how your rug looks and smells everytime.

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Rug Repair Whitby

Rug Repair in Whitby

It takes a certain level of craftsmanship to restore a damaged rug. Rug damage is caused by contact with humans, furniture, and pets that leads to abrasions, fuzzing, and shading (where the pile lays in different directions). Sunlight damage is inevitable, and water damage can occur due to carelessness, flooding or exposure to moisture. Whatever the type of damage your rug has, not attending to it on time will cause it to spread further and could damage your rug beyond repair.

Our team at Love Your Rug consists of some of the best rug experts and master craftsmen in Canada. They are able to repair all types of rug damage, from resurging, to re-fringing, to cutting and bonding as well as restoring the original color from faded rugs. Resurging is a process in which rug experts precisely match the threads of your rug with the repair thread so the repair is invisible. Cutting and bonding allows you to place your rugs in the most awkward of corners. Re-fringing involves replacing damaged fringes. If your rug is not damaged but you want the original fringe replaced with a more appealing one, we do that too! You have the option of dropping-off your damaged rug to one of our facilities or having it picked up and delivered to you anywhere in Whitby, Onario at no extra cost.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Whitby

Love Your Rug offers in-home carpet cleaning in Whitby. Our experienced carpet cleaning team specializes in at-home carpet cleaning, restoration, and repairs. We’ll come to you with our industry-leading truck-mounted system and complete our six-step carpet cleaning process. Our equipment uses its own power and water, so we will require no resources from your commercial or residential property. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we’ll re-clean your carpet at no additional cost.
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State-of-the-Art Rug Cleaning Facilities Serving Whitby

Our extensive rug cleaning process involves cleaning a rug on both sides thoroughly and removing everything within it that doesn’t belong, including tough stains. Dust, dirt, and grime can get lodged and settle deep within a rug. Stains that have been sitting on your rug in Whitby for a long time get hard and stay lodged in a rug’s fibres. This makes it difficult to clean your rug with DIY rug cleaning methods. Thankfully, Love Your Rug has invested in the most sophisticated rug cleaning equipment on the Planet to give your rug the best treatment possible.



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100% Customer Satisfaction with Our Rug Repair and Cleaning Services in Whitby

Love Your Rug in Whitby has invested millions of dollars into the latest and most sophisticated rug cleaning technologies so that we can put your rugs through the most rigorous rug cleaning process available in Whitby. Our rug cleaning is so thorough that we confidently offer all our customers our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Love Your Rug believes in keeping all customers happy – always and our guarantee is a testament to this claim.

If you are not satisfied with the rug cleaning or rug repair services that you receive from Love Your Rug in Whitby, please let us know and we will re-service your rug at no additional cost.


Specialty Area Rug Cleaning in Whitby, Ontario

Your precious Silk, Persian, Oriental and animal hide rugs in Whitby are exotic rugs that demand special care. When cleaned regularly, they are easy to maintain and will require less maintenance, which increases their longevity. Love Your Rug undertakes the cleaning services of all your authentic and delicate area rugs and puts them through a custom cleaning process specifically catered to your individual rug.

Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto
Persian Rug Cleaning Whitby

Renew the beautiful intricacy of your Persian rug with our delicate yet thorough cleaning process in Whitby.

Oriental Rug Cleaners Toronto
Oriental Rug Cleaning Whitby

Your precious Oriental rug will go through a tailor-made cleaning process that is designed for authentic Oriental area rugs.

Silk Rug Cleaners Toronto
Silk Rug Cleaning Whitby

Whether handmade or machine made, we will give your silk rug the most sophisticated and rigorous rug cleaning service in Whitby.

Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto
Wool Rug Cleaning Whitby

Get your traditional wool rug cleaned by us anywhere in Whitby. We use the most gentle products on your wool rugs.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning Whitby

After your cowhide rug goes through our custom animal-hide rug cleaning process, it will look, feel and smell brand new.

Flokati Rug Cleaning Whitby

We have extensive experience cleaning Flokati rugs. Once they go through our process they will be thicker, softer, and fluffier.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Accredited Rug Cleaner!

Love Your Rug is an award-winning rug cleaning and rug repair service in Whitby, Ontario. We have been in the rug cleaning and rug repair business since 1894 and we have a better understanding of the market requirements for clean rugs than any other rug cleaners in Whitby. We always strive to provide the best rug cleaning and rug repair services in Whitby. Aside from being the most and best reviewed rug cleaner servicing Whitby, our continued excellence has helped us achieve multiple Consumers Choice Awards as well as The Top Choice Mark of Excellence Awards by consumers in Whitby and across Canada.

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Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Whitby

With our fleet of trucks on the road every day, Love Your Rug offers residents of Whitby our convenient weekly rug pickup and delivery services. We now also offer same-day and next-day rug pickup anywhere in Whitby to serve you better.

Regular Weekly Pickups in Whitby: Wednesdays 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Pickup times are subject to traffic, but we try our best to be on time.

Call us today to schedule a pickup from your location in Whitby. Our friendly drivers make regular weekly trips throughout Whitby Ontario, so if you are located anywhere in or around Whitby, we can pickup your dirty or damaged area rugs at your convenience.

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We Have Cleaned Over 1 Million Area Rugs

We want to thank our customers who stuck by us all these years. We couldn’t have done it without you. It is because of your trust in our services that we continue to be the largest and most trusted rug cleaning and repair company in Whitby, ON. We have been servicing the rugs of Whitby residents for over a century now and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. For those new to Love Your Rug, we hope that you are ready and convinced that when you choose Love Your Rug, your rug will be in the best hands, guaranteed.


Whitby Rug Cleaning Report 2019


The following report outlines the average rug cleaning and rug repair demands of an average household in Whitby.


The population of Whitby, according to the 2011 census, was 122,022. In 2016, this population rose to 128,377. Between 2011 and 2016, the population increased by 5.2%. The steady rise in the population of Whitby also increased the population density per square kilometre to 875.4. There are 44,195 private dwellings in Whitby, of which 43,529 are occupied by usual residents. The average household size is 2.9. The average ‘rooms per dwelling’ in Whitby is 7.3.


There are 44,195 private dwellings in Whitby, with an average of 7.3 rooms per dwelling.

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Of the 7.3 (average) rooms per dwelling, at least two rooms are rugged. These rooms are the living and dining rooms – the rooms that are used most. With 44,195 private dwellings in Whitby, the approximate number of rugs at two rugs per household would be 88,390 rugs.


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