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Cleaned Over Million Rugs

Our Rug Cleaning Process Explained

At our specialty cleaning facility where we have cleaned over 1 million rugs, our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to clean your rugs professionally. Our secure and modern facility with the latest rug cleaning and repair technology is equipped to clean, dry and restore any area rug of any origin and material. Our rug cleaning process is the very best, and your rugs are always handled by experienced technicians. Below you can learn more about our rug cleaning process.


Each rug goes through a thorough inspection process by our lab technicians to identify stains, damages, discolourations and any special requests that the customer may have. Everything is inspected from the rug fibers, fringes, colouration to underpadding. The rugs are catalogued in our system with a special tag based on the type of material, size and origin of the rug.
Area Rug Inspection Toronto
Area Rug Dusting Toronto


One of the most important steps when cleaning a rug is proper dusting. Without dusting the rug thoroughly, dust particles and allergens will stay inside your rug even after washing and drying. Our computer controlled dusting machine ensures all dust particles are extracted. Our air suction filtration system transfers particles to a dust compartment that is cleaned daily.

Pre Treatment

Each rug is treated with a safe and eco friendly dual solution of soap and treatment, pre treating each rug before they are machine washed. This dual solution is applied by pressure washing each rug to soften and break down dissolved minerals that cling to your rug over time. It’s important to wash your rugs once a year to prevent these hard deposits of minerals from degrading the health and value of your rug.
Area Rug Cleaning Pre Treatment Toronto
Area Rug Manual Wash Toronto

Manual Wash

Our area rug technicians use powerful pressure washers to loosen up fibres and to extract dirt from deep within your rug, which is followed by extensive rinsing with fresh water.

Machine Wash

Next, the rugs are machine washed to ensure a thorough wash on each rug. Each rug is gently scrubbed by a line of soft brush pads that deep clean and completely remove remaining mineral deposits and stains. The excess eco-friendly soap and water is filtered through our drainage system. Our machine ensures that your rug is properly washed including rug pile and fringes, without damaging your rug in the process.
Area Rug Machine Wash Toronto
Area Rug Draining Machine


Your rug is rolled up and then goes into our centrifuge machine. In the centrifuge, all the remaining water and moisture is completely drained from your rug, ensuring that no dyes stain it and that your rug keeps its natural colours and texture.


After the machine wrings out 90% of the water, the rugs are immediately sent up to our drying room to remove the water from the fibers of the rug. Leaving rugs moist for too long can cause colour run and unwanted mold and bacteria buildup. Our enclosed climate controlled drying room is equipped with a dozen industrial fans that filter circulated air and maintain low humidity, creating the most ideal ecosystem to properly dry your rugs.
Area Rug Drying Toronto
Area Rug Inspection

Final Inspection

After spending 12 hours in the drying room, our lab technicians perform a final inspection to ensure quality control. The technician take their time inspecting every inch of the rug, recording and photographing the results. Each rug is lightly airbrushed to recondition and remove loose fibers from your rugs.

Packaged Ready to Ship

Packaging is incorporated with Quality Control and final inspection. After the carpet is 100% approved by QC it is hand lifted onto a special winding table that electronically winds your rug into a roll while simultaneously feeding a thick, protective, plastic covering on your rug. It is important to note, that this is not an air-tight process and rugs should not be stored in a damp environment. Customers should remove the packaging as soon as it is received.
Safe Area Rug Packaging
Free Delivery Anywhere in Southern Ontario

Free Delivery Anywhere in Southern Ontario

We offer free porch-side pickup and delivery from London, Ontario to Ottawa. Your free delivery is scheduled by advising you of the next available delivery date via text and email pending payment. You can acknowledge if the delivery date works for you. If no one is home at time of delivery and unless otherwise stated, the order will be left on the front porch or with concierge/outside unit door with a picture taken of the delivery. You will also receive a text message upon successful delivery.

Area Rug Repair in Toronto

Rug Repairs

We also offer expert rug repairs that can be done as required and at the customer’s request. We have world renown in house repair specialists that can provide any repairs, colour corrections or consulting for appraisals.
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