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Rug Cleaning & Repair Georgetown


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

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Rug Cleaning & Repair Georgetown


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Experts in Georgetown​

Rug Cleaning Experts in Georgetown

Love Your Rug has been cleaning and maintaining rugs for over a hundred years. We have honed the processes of restoring these well-loved rugs, and we know exactly what to do to make them look and feel as good as new.

Prompt Pick-Up & Delivery Services​ in Georgetown​

Prompt Pick-Up & Delivery Services

We offer same-day rug pick-up services on orders over $1000. This is an exclusive offer for all our customers residing in Georgetown. Be rest assured that your clean and fresh rug will get delivered within 7-10 days. Schedule a pick-up now.

In-Home Carpet Cleaning in Georgetown​

In-Home Carpet Cleaning Georgetown

Anyone with carpeted areas knows that a professional cleaning session is important. This should take place at least once a year. We provide in-home carpet cleaning services that will help eliminate germs, dirt, dust, mould & mildew.

Georgetown’s Accredited & Professional Rug Cleaner

Love Your Rug is proud to have provided high-quality rug cleaning & repair services since 1894. Our customers are always highly satisfied with our performance & leave great reviews for us. Our efforts in delivering only the best results have helped us gain the leading position in the market. Thanks to this, we are often honoured with prestigious awards. This includes many Consumer’s Choice Awards, as well as the ‘Top Choice Mark of Excellence” award.

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Consumer Choice Award Winner

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Genuine Reviews From Our Customers in Georgetown

Margaret Macanowicz

Stellar customer service (great communication and delivery/pick-up service). Thank you for rejuvenating my rug and removing the stubborn pet stains…just like new again!

Michael Vardalos

Great customer service! Their pricing makes sense... Alot cheaper to cleaner than to replace. We have used them a couple times now and they pick up and deliver... And notify you exactly when this will happen. Great experience both times!

Jill Turner

Wow my wool white area rug is so clean and bright white again. Very professional business and the results are fabulous. Thanks


Georgetown’s Most Trusted Rug Cleaners

Rugs and carpets are prone to collecting dust, germs, mould, mildew and dirt. Besides, houses with pets and children can get easily stained. Mishaps like spillage from liquids or even pet urine are par for the course. While manual cleaning may help get rid of these on the surface level, nothing can match the cleaning performed by professionals. Especially when professionals rely on advanced technology. And Love Your Rug offers you the best of services utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Our extensive cleaning process involves pre-inspection, pre-treatment, steam-cleaning and deodorization as essential steps.

Our rug cleaning experts are highly trained to get rid of even the toughest stains, odours and health hazards. Our facility is updated with state-of-the-art technology and ensures every part of your rug is deep-cleaned to look fresh and smell great.

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Rug Cleaners

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Love Your Rug’s Powerful 9-Step Process

Area Rug Inspection Georgetown
Step 1


Every surface of each rug is inspected thoroughly by our lab technicians to look for stains, discolouration, and damages on the rug fibres, fringes and under padding.

Area Rug Dusting Georgetown
Step 2


Our computer controlled dusting machine ensures that all dust particles and allergens are extracted from each rug and are suction filtered away.

Area Rug Cleaning Pre Treatment Georgetown
Step 3

Pre Treatment

Rugs are prepared by pressure washing a safe and eco-friendly pre-treatment solution and soap into the rug before machine washing in order to lift hard mineral deposits clinging to your rug.

Area Rug Manual Wash Georgetown
Step 4

Manual Wash

Our area rug technicians use powerful pressure washers to loosen up fibres and to extract dirt from deep within your rug, which is followed by extensive rinsing with fresh water.

Area Rug Machine Wash Georgetown
Step 5

Machine Wash

Each rug is gently scrubbed by a line of soft brush pads that deep clean and completely remove remaining mineral deposits and stains without damaging your rug in the process.

Area Rug Draining Machine Georgetown
Step 6


Your rug is rolled up and then goes into our powerful centrifuge machine to remove water and moisture, ensuring that no dyes in the fibres bleed and that your rug keeps its natural colours and texture.

Area Rug Drying Georgetown
Step 7


After the machine wrings out 90% of the water, the rugs are immediately sent up to our enclosed climate controlled drying room equipped with a dozen industrial fans creating the optimal ecosystem to properly dry your rugs.

Area Rug Final Inspection Georgetown
Step 8

Final Inspection

After spending 12 hours in the drying room, our lab technicians perform a final inspection on every inch of the rug, recording and photographing the results before the rug is reconditioned by lightly airbrushing to remove loose fibers.

Safe Area Rug Packaging Georgetown
Step 9

Packaged Ready to Ship

Once your rug has passed the final inspection, it is ready to enjoy and is packaged and shipped right to your door without you ever needing to step foot out of your home.

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Rug Repair Georgetown

Rips, stains and missing fringes do not make for a good enough reason to do away with your favourite rug. Our rug repair specialists in Georgetown can fix these issues without causing any damage to the existing carpet. Leave it to us and we will have them delivered back to you, in pristine condition.

Our rug maintenance experts have developed a comprehensive process for cleaning and repairing rugs. These come from tried and tested methods of over a hundred years.

Here are some rug restoration services provided by Love Your Rug:

where to refringe my rug

Area Rug Refringing

Rug and carpet fringes are bound to get damaged after some time. Thanks to our specialists, Love Your Rug performs all types of fringe repairs for rugs.

We perform fringe replacement on-site for free. You can choose from a wide variety of fringe styles according to your taste and rug requirements.

best rug repair Georgetown

Area Rug Resurging

As the outer edges of area rugs wear out over time, they may require resurging. Our professionals will carefully weave back the threads into your rug using highly-effective machines.

The type and colour of these newly-woven threads are carefully selected to ensure the rug is stronger. Attention is also given to preventing knots on the rug from unravelling while complementing your rug throughout.

where to cut and bind rugs

Rug-Cutting & Binding

Love Your Rug offers rug-cutting and binding services for customers who require industrial rugs. We can cut your carpet into any size based on your requirements.

Customers are free to choose the design and cut of the carpet. Once confirmed, we secure the edges with synthetic borders.

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Area Rug Cleaning

At Love Your Rug, we use the most advanced equipment & technology to clean rugs. Our effective and powerful process includes dusting & washing, followed by drying.

Along with our specially-formulated detergents, we also use manual processes when our machines are unable to remove stubborn stains.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Services in Georgetown

Areas with carpeting are likely to collect dust, dirt, and stains after a while. To add to this, it is also prone to the formation of mildew and mould. Houses with pets can get their rugs easily soiled and reeking of odour from pet urine.

It is essential to give your rugs and carpets a deep cleanse and Love Your Rug provides our Georgetown customers with exactly that. Our steam cleaning process, combined with eco-friendly products and advanced technology, ensures spotless cleaning. Our procedures are effective irrespective of the size and thickness of your floor coverings. We will leave your rugs looking fresh and smelling great!

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carpet cleaning service with same-day or next-day pick-up

Same-Day or Next-Day Pick-Up & Delivery in Georgetown

We offer same-day or the next-day collection and delivery services for orders over $1000 in Georgetown. Our services are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 AM to 11 AM. Once your rug is at our facility, we will start our cleaning process. We deliver it back fresh and restored within 7 to 10 days.

Please note: While we make all efforts to be timely, our pick-up and delivery services may be affected by traffic.

We also offer carpet and rug cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Southern Ontario. Fill in this form to schedule your pick-up.

Major Cities Served

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We Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee In Georgetown

Love Your Rug has provided top-quality rug cleaning services for over a century. We proudly offer the leading rug cleaning services at the most affordable prices. Our Georgetown professionals have always delivered impressive work and continue to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.

If any of our rug cleaning services in Georgetown does not reach your expectations, please let us know and we will re-service your item at no extra charge.

Our Other Specialty Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

wool rug cleaning services in Georgetown

Wool Rug Cleaning Georgetown

Woollen rugs make your space cozy and add comfort. Love Your Rug’s special wool rug cleaning process ensures the restoration of your precious rugs to their pristine condition, while maintaining the texture.

where to clean flokati rugs in Georgetown

Flokati Rug Cleaning Georgetown

Flokati rugs are generally thick and their shaggy nature makes it easy for dirt, dust and germs to stay trapped. This is why only professional cleaning will help maintain these. We use advanced techniques to rejuvenate and restore your flokati rugs.

professional cleaning service for oriental rugs in Georgetown

Oriental Rug Cleaning Georgetown

Oriental rugs come in vibrant colours and are made with thick materials. Love Your Rug provides effective cleaning services for oriental rugs to revitalize their vibrancy and texture. We make your rugs look as good as new.

where to clean silk rugs in Georgetown

Silk Rug Cleaning Georgetown

We know how delicate silk rugs can be and that is why we offer custom silk rug cleaning services in Georgetown. Our experts give special attention while cleaning silk rugs to avoid any damage caused. Our team makes it their mission to handle your precious rugs with utmost care.

Persian rug cleaning services in Georgetown

Persian Rug Cleaning Georgetown

Any rug, if taken care of properly, will surely last for a long time. Persian rugs require special cleaning techniques which our professionals have perfected. Love Your Rug specializes in Persian rug cleaning to deliver the finest results.

cowhide rug cleaning services near me

Cowhide Rug Cleaning Georgetown

Cowhide or any other animal hide rugs comprise of natural fibre and must be cleaned in a certain way. They require extra care and as specialists in animal hide rug cleaning, we offer premium services for cowhide rug cleaning in Georgetown.

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Rug Maintenance Experts Since 1894

Love Your Rug’s century-old professional cleaning services have only improved with time. Over the years, we perfected the methods of removing dirt, debris, germs, dust, mould and mildew from delicate carpets  and deliver only the highest quality services to our clients. You can trust our experts fully to cover all the rug and carpet cleaning requirements in Georgetown. 

Get an instant estimate for your rug restoration service using our online price calculator below and schedule a pick-up.

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