Same-Day Rug Pickups in Ajax

Same-day pickups for rug cleaning and repair is now available anywhere in Ajax. Click below to see our prices.

Delivered Back Clean Within 7 Days

Thanks to our high-tech rug cleaning technology and large team of experts, our delivery time is the fastest in Ajax.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We will re-clean your rug in Ajax for free if you are not happy with the results of our first rug cleaning.


Trusted Rug Cleaners in Ajax

Convenience meets value in our cutting-edge rug cleaning facility near Ajax. The vast amount of allergens trapped in your rug can cause serious infections and allergies, which is why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends getting your rugs cleaned three to four times each year. Once we have assessed the extent of cleaning required based on the dirt, dust, stains, odour, and allergens that are trapped in your rug, we will select the best customized treatment plan.

At Love Your Rug, your rug undergoes a thorough, rigorous and customized cleaning process through our state-of-art rug cleaning machinery and manual cleaning process. We use eco-friendly detergents that thoroughly yet gently clean your rug on both sides. Stains and odours are carefully treated and removed each time. The result is an immaculate and fresh rug.

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Rug Repair in Ajax

Love Your Rug provides exceptional and thorough rug repair services to anyone in Ajax Ontario. Rug damage can range from abrasions, fuzzing, fading, tearing, and shading (where the pile lays in different directions), to sunlight and water damage. Whatever the type or extent of damage, Love Your Rug in Ajax can revive your damaged area rug.

Our services include resurging, cutting and bonding, colour correction, and re-fringing. Our highly experienced rug repair technicians undertake the repair of tears, burns, stains, chewed-up ends, frayed ends, damaged or missing fringes and much more. We are the rug repair experts that even dry cleaners use when they cannot do the job themselves. We are proud to say that we are Canada’s most trusted Rug repair company.


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