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Persian Rug
Pickup & Delivery



Persian Rug Pickup & Delivery


FREE Persian Rug Pickups

We offer same-day, next-day and weekly Persian rug cleaning pick up’s throughout Southern Ontario and Ottawa. Click below to see our prices.

Delivered Back Clean Within 7 Days

Thanks to our state-of-art Persian rug cleaning machinery and our team of Persian rug technicians, we offer the fastest delivery time.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with the way your freshly cleaned Persian area rug looks or smells, we will re-clean it at no extra charge.

Trusted Persian Rug Cleaner in Toronto

We use the latest in Persian Rug cleaning technology and techniques to offer the most advanced Persian rug cleaning process in the World.

Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto
Persian Rug Restoration Toronto

Expert Persian Rug Repair in Toronto

At Love Your Rug we house the most talented rug repair technicians in the country. Our equipment, experience and knowhow enable us to repair rugs that other rug repair shops in Toronto simply cannot match. We offer:


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The Latest Persian Rug Cleaning Equipment in Canada

At our two, 10,000 square foot rug cleaning facilities in Eastern and Western Toronto, we house the latest Persian rug cleaning machinery available on the market.

Our team of Persian rug experts uses the best rug dusters, spin drying wringing machines, rug cleaning machines, and rug packaging machines along with technical manual washing techniques to make your Persian rug look and smell brand new every time.



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Area Rug Cleaning


Area Rug Drying
rug cleaning repair guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Love Your Rug is known in Ontario for quality Persian rug cleaning, Persian rug repairs, fastest delivery, low transparent rates, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our Persian rug cleaning work. We have serviced thousands of Persian rugs in Ontario since our inception in 1894 and we are confident that you will love your clean Persian rug once we are done with it.

If you are not happy with our Persian rug cleaning work, please let us know and we will re-service your Persian area rug at no additional fee.

Interesting Facts About Persian Rugs

Did you know that Persian rug making originated more than 2500 years ago in Iran? This evidence was derived from the oldest recorded rug in human history, which was a 2500-year-old-rug named the ‘Pazyryk carpet’. Due to the deteriorating nature of the materials used in creating Persian rugs, including wool, cotton, and silk, archaeologists have a very difficult time discovering ancient Persian rugs.

Did you know that the original purpose of Persian rugs was to cover the door gaps and prevent cold air and debris from coming into households from the outside? As time passed, Iranians turned these simple insulation ornaments into beautiful pieces of art to decorate their homes. Eventually, Persian rugs became tokens of wealth and status in Iranian culture, and were regularly found in castles.

Today, Persian rugs are available in almost every country around the world, with Iran being responsible for roughly 30% of the world’s Persian area rug production. There is an estimated 1.2 million Persian rug weaver’s in Iran today.

If you are wondering why there is so much hype around Persian rugs, it’s interesting to know that a hand made traditional Persian rug can take up to several years to complete. At Love Your Rug we admire the art and the hard work that goes into each Persian rug and so we offer only the best Persian rug cleaning services in the Country.

Persian Carpet Cleaning
Turco Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto

Persian Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

We offer FREE Persian rug pickup and delivery anywhere in Southern Ontario from London all the way to Ottawa. We visit most cities/towns twice a week, and we also offer same-day and next-day pick up’s in most cities in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

If you would like to schedule a Persian Rug cleaning or repair pickup in your area, you can give us a call or submit our instant online form by finding your city below.

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