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Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

eco friendly rug cleaning canada

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

eco Friendly rug cleaning

We Care About the Environment

At Love Your Rug we love our planet and preserving the environment is our priority. We take extra care, time and effort to make sure that our methods, products and equipment have a minimum impact on our environment. We are continually looking for new ways to decrease our ecological footprint and to remain the leader in eco friendly cleaning services in Canada.

Nowadays many rug cleaning and repair service providers make claims that they are eco-friendly but in reality they are not. At Love Your Rug we actually mean what we say and we provide our customers with complete transparency. Below you can read about what we are doing at Love Your Rug to better our environment and to make a positive ecological difference.


What we are doing to reduce our ecological footprint

Our environment is going through very rough times so at Love Your Rug we have made it our priority to do our part in protecting the integrity of the planet. Our initiative is to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of our business. Here are some of the things that we are doing at Love Your Rug to reduce our ecological footprint:

Green Rug Cleaners in Toronto

The planet is our home… So we treat it with love!

A lot of our competitors continue to use dangerous chemical cleaning products and inefficient cleaning systems, neglecting the damage that they are doing to the environment.

At Love Your Rug we take pride in using only the most efficient cleaning systems and biodegradable detergents to help the planet as much as we can. We take this one step further by being environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business, even in the partners that we chose to work with.

When deciding who to use for cleaning your rug, choose Love Your Rug. We will always deliver exceptional results while also reducing our environmental impact on the planet.

green rug cleaning
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