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The Best Rug Styles for your Kitchen

Your kitchen sees a lot of life. From feeding pets and throwing together breakfasts before you head out the door, to going all out for a family-style holiday meal, it’s the heart of most homes. Based on this, not everyone immediately thinks of the kitchen as a place to have a rug. But adding a rug to the room is actually a great way to pull the space together by adding, colour, comfort and texture. And, if you choose the right style, it doesn’t have to add to your workload. Here are some of the best styles for livening up your busiest space:

Switch up your decor with a print or graphic pattern

Another great thing about rugs is that they can be a stylish way to change up your décor without having to commit to a major renovation. If your neutral cabinets and countertops are begging for a pop of colour but you don’t want to make a permanent change … your rug can save the day. A Persian or Oriental rug can be a great option for this. Rich in colour and pattern, they have an opulent look to them and are often very comfortable underfoot. You can have different versions for each season and switch them up as needed. Make sure you choose the right option for your space, however. Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are often large and square in shape, which makes them great for spacious kitchens. If you’re looking for a simple runner, however, you might have a harder time finding one in this style. Worried about splurging on a rug and immediately spilling gravy all over it? Ask a professional rug cleaning company for help. Stack of Persian Rugs

Be mindful of the material you choose

For some people, the durability of a rug is more important than the look or feel. In this case, a flat-weave rug is probably your best bet, since it will be easier for you to spot clean, and likely take less time for a professional rug cleaning company as well, if you choose to go that route. A rug that’s marketed as indoor/outdoor may not have the luxurious feel underfoot that some other rug styles will, but they do have the benefit of not absorbing spills or stains as easily. If you have a busy kitchen with kids and pets running around, this may very well be your best bet. If you’re not sold on the synthetic feel of polypropylene, some natural fibres have a similar stain-repelling effect. These include:
  • jute
  • sisal
  • wool
Having said that, these still might require periodic professional cleaning, but their natural durability will make this a less frequent necessity. Wool rug

Certain sizes work better

Now that you’ve made some decisions about prints and material, you’ll also have to take size and shape into consideration before you make a final choice. If you have a small galley kitchen, you might want to consider a runner that spans the length of your counter. The same goes for a larger kitchen with an island in the middle, which may break up your overall space. If you’re purchasing a rug for a dining room or an eat-in kitchen, makes sure you measure your table dimensions. A good rule of thumb is to measure the dimensions of your table and add two or three feet on all sides. This means that when you push your chairs out, they’ll still be on the rug. It’s common for people to underestimate the size of a rug needed under a table, so don’t make this mistake. Runner rug in kitchen

Don’t forget a rug pad!

Here’s another great trick. Make sure you buy a non-stick rug pad, which goes underneath and is made of a slightly sticky material that holds to the floor. This stops your rug from sliding around while you’re rushing from the sink to the oven, or your kids are chasing the dog around the island as you multitask. If you place your rug in front of the sink or a surface where you spend a lot of time – like an island for food prep – try choosing a rug pad that’s slightly thicker. This will add a bit of comfort to your feet, back and knees if you stand for long periods of time. Rug pad Rugs in the kitchen don’t have to make your life more difficult. The right choice can add comfort, style and function when you take all your needs into consideration. Be mindful of the size, shape and material, and you might find yourself wondering how you went so long without one! Need some cleaning or repair? For all your kitchen rug maintenance needs, contact your friendly specialists at Love Your Rug today.

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