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Rug Feng-Shui to Draw Wealth, Love & Prosperity to your Home & Life!

Everybody knows or has heard of Feng Shui, the ancient art that gives people a chance to fine tune positive energy vibes and create a loving, happy, and prosperous environment, be it the office or our cozy nests. What very few know, though, is that decorative pieces can play a vital role in attracting good luck, love, and wealth, according to Feng Shui principles. Placing particular elements in key places around the home can have a dramatic (positive) impact on the balance and vibe of the home, optimise the energy that flows within it, and bring about harmony and growth. One of the most commonly used decorative items is, of course, the rug. We have asked Feng Shui design masters to share some of their in-depth knowledge about how to use rugs to lock in all the gorgeous things Feng Shui can bring into our lives. Here is what they have told us:

1. The design

Feng Shui has 5 elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal, each giving a boost to different kinds of energy within the home. For example, the fire element heightens passion, energy, wealth, and transformation. Its most representative rugs are those with orange, red, and/or yellow shades, either bold or more subdued, depending on your personal taste.

The 5 elements we need to consider when choosing our rugs

Water, on the other hand, is the element closely related to money flow. Use any of the various blue hues and materials (i.e. a hand-tufted rug with rich bamboo/sea-blue silk highlights) to ensure more money comes into your home.

The earth element is all about attracting a sense of safety, support, and security and is best activated with rugs in muted colours, such as beige, tans, browns, and even golden shades. It could be a hand-knotted jute piece or anything else you fancy, in any pattern, from stripes to abstract.

For more inspiration, creativity, family prosperity, health, and motivation, you need to include the wood element in your design. Choose green rugs, wool, silk or even shag pieces. You may also consider Persian rugs or rugs that have been given an antique feel through luster washing. However, the brighter the green, the higher the energy.

Finally, the metal element is what empowers clear thinking and stimulates focus. It is also a great medium to channel the energies of the other elements. So, even if you have chosen a rug that activates another element, throwing a runner or rug in metallics (grays and silvers) will bring in this element. Some whites can also deliver the same result.



  • To strengthen the effect of a rug that represents the fire element and bring more fortune, choose patterns that include koi fish in red, orange or golden shades.

  • Rugs made of natural fibers in colours between red and brown help attract more money and good luck.

  • If you are struggling with your finances, use floor rugs in red and brown to help improve the situation.

  • Place a piece of dried algae or moss under your rug to help Feng Sui your home for good luck and wealth.

When choosing any floor rug, take into consideration the fact that this decorative item will be something you will be stepping on every single day. A common mistake most small businesses and startups do is to have floor mats with the name of their company. Next thing they know, their business attracts low-quality energy, which makes sense, given that everybody steps over the business name day-in, day-out! So, better focus on a design that makes sense to step on, such as a garden pathway or sand rather than, say, birds. For abstract representations, go with the Feng Shui element colours.

Flowers are not a desired pattern according to rug Fensh Shui. It brings in bad energy

Adding things that either represent an element or are made of the material each element stands for into your design scheme will certainly help bring the power of Feng Shui into where you live or work. However, to gain the most of Feng Shui and see noticeable improvements in the energy of an area of focus, you also need to follow the directional locations.

2. Direction

The North Direction

In general, the North direction governs luck in career and is the zone of the water element. So, if you are eyeing on a successful career, strengthen your North direction. Choose rugs with black and blue shades and make sure you have no wooden colous (greens) anywhere near it, to prevent energy weakening. The only case when you can use wooden colours in North direction is when you have a toilet or kitchen there that creates bad water energy (wood weakens water). At the same time, use metal colours to enhance good water energy in that area. Also, avoid placing blue or black rugs in a North bedroom as they tend to make you lethargic. Now, for North living rooms, black and blue rugs are appropriate, as long as you don’t overdo it and use too much blue or black in that area. Ideally, those 2 hues should represent just 1/9 of your home’s palette.

The South Direction

This zone governs fame and name and is the zone of fire, which is why opting for reds and oranges, as well as wooden colours (greens), is recommended, unless you have a kitchen or toilet in that area and drains good fire energy. This can lead to loneliness, loss of social circle, and much more. In this case, choose earthy colours, as well as black and blues (just don’t overdo it). For living rooms in the South direction, avoid too much red (hence, too much fire energy) as it may lead to rage, heated arguments, and more. Use mild reds just here and there.

The East Direction

Placing a rug on the East direction can help enhance the health (body and mind) and family side of your home. It is the direction of wood, and as such, greens are much preferred. If you have an energy-draining kitchen or toilet in the east direction, use fire element’s colours (i.e. heated oranges and reds), metallics (just mildly) and greens. For living rooms there, have a mix of green tones to receive the calming effects of that shade, as well as black and blues to enhance the fire element’s effect.

The Southeast Direction

Southeast rules the wealth aspect of a home. Follow rules as in the East direction.

The West Direction

It rules children’s luck and creativity. A toilet or kitchen in that area gives bad metal energy. You can get rid of it by using rugs in water and earthen colours (i.e. pinks, yellows or browns). Using a mix of metal colours (i.e. gold, silver, white, gray, etc) is best for living rooms in West direction.

Use rugs in earthy shades to attract positive energy

The North-West Direction

Also ruled by metal element, the North-West direction can bring many helpful people into your life and lots of happy travels. Follow rules as in the west direction.

The North-East Direction

If you want clarity of thoughts, luck in education, and the ability to take better decisions, you need to strengthen your North-East side of the home. Nullify the bad energy from a toilet or kitchen placed in that direction by using rugs in earthy colours, metallics, and wooden shades. For living rooms in North-East, use rugs in shades of pink, yellow, brown or skin colour tones (ideally, use more yellow than anything else increase optimism and hopefulness).

The South-West Direction

Again, earth element rules this direction and attracts sexual pleasures and romance luck in your life. Follow rules as in the North-East direction.

3. Shape

Round rugs symbolise peace and spirituality and are usually placed in living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. For a more relaxing and pleasant feel, you can consider round rugs made of natural fibers, such as wool. Round or oval rugs in dining rooms arranged in a circle can help create more love.

Tip: To attract more love, put the legs of the furniture, at least the front ones, on your rug. You will notice that people choose that area to sit and talk more!

Square-shared or rectangular rugs are believed to attract wealth. The same applies to wall-to-wall carpeting and small floor mats. They are good Feng Shui items for hallways, entryways, study rooms, libraries, and offices.

Oval rugs attract positive changes. Their energy is powerful and universal while they are also considered fortune magnets.

Best Feng Shui Rugs for Your Front Entry

The main entry (called Mouth of Chi) is among the most important areas to focus on, in Feng Shui, because it is the bridge that allows the universal energy or Chi to enter the home, which is then absorbed by the home environment itself for its own nourishment. The better quality Chi the home absorbs, the better quality energy flows inside it (and the greater the benefits you can have from Feng Shui principles).

When it comes to colours, first consider the shapes you feel will appeal to you the most. Then, find out the Feng Shui direction your door faces and go for the shape and colour that is most suitable for the selected element. For example, if your entryway faces East, wood feng shui element and rectangular shapes are highly recommended. Likewise, metal and fire Feng Shui elements and round shapes should not be used for an East-facing front door as they weaken the energy in that particular area. The best colours for such a door would be those of earth, water or wood element.

The welcome mat should be fresh and bright

The welcome mat should be fresh and bright, and it should be very clear where your entryway is. However, if you are aiming for career success, pick a black welcome mat that is almost the width of the entry door. That will encourage cash flow and career changes (to the better).

Fen Shui is a colossal chapter in Chinese philosophical system of bringing balance between people and their surrounding environment. Today, we have just pinpointed some basics, but rest assured there will be lots more to come in the future so that you can use your rugs the best possible way to bring in love, wealth, health, success, and happiness into your life!

Do you use Feng Shui principles in the design of your home? Do you have any tips to share with us or experiences related to right or wrong rug Feng Shui choices? We’d love to hear all about them!

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