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Oriental & Persian Area Rugs Anyone?

Oriental rugs are handmade and are exquisite as well as long lasting. The fact that these rugs use very fine types of thread, means that they need special care and handling also. They are very popular due their high end prices and uniqueness. Specifically, Persian rugs are known world over for their art and exclusiveness. Therefore, in order to maintain their beauty, they also require special guidelines for cleaning purposes. Send your Oriental area rugs and Persian area rugs to Love Your rug for professional Persian rug cleaning Toronto, and Oriental rug cleaning Toronto. A popular do it yourself method is obviously vacuuming the rug. It is a good idea and most common method. But what needs to be understood is that, avoid using the high speed vacuum as that may damage the fiber of the area rug. Also never, push in deep the vacuum in these rugs as that might spoil their thread. Another, very traditional method is using a hand brush. The brush used can be of any type of soft thistles. However, if you can get hold a jute thistle brush that will definitely help more. This type of brush is made of natural jute and is gentle on the area rug’s surface as well as cleans nice and easy. Of course washing the Persian rug is another option, which is perfectly fine. So long the at the detergents are material friendly and more like wool wash purpose. While washing using a very gentle brush strokes is fine too. Anyways, these rugs must be hanged dry. Never a wise idea to hang dry in the sun as that will fade away its colors and make it dry and rugged. So, always hang dry your Persian area rugs in shade. Well, if you have big size area rugs then they should be sent over to the professionals. Love Your Rug specializes in cleaning, and restoring specialty area rugs, so check out our site Rug Cleaning Toronto. Moreover, in other cases, ensure that the Persian rugs are not exposed to too much traffic as they will lose their softness and thickness of the fiber. These rugs are more for decorating purposes and must be treated with the same care.

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