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How to Choose the Right Area Rug Colour

Rugs are the touchstone of every room they’re in; this can make it very tricky to choose the right colour for your area rug. It would be best if you had a different area rug for your foyer, bedroom, living room, kitchen, et cetera, and you will want each rug to tie into the décor of the rest of the space. You may already have a colour scheme in mind for your home or even each respective room. We at Love Your Rug recommend matching your rug to your walls to improve the room’s overall ambiance and décor. Here are some tips for choosing the right area rug colour:

shopping for a rug

Rich Colours

If your room has white or light walls, choose a deep or dark rug in navy-blue, forest green or maroon, so it stands out and brings a unique aura to the space. We don’t recommend choosing a dark rug in a room that’s already dark because it may make it appear dull. Only use rich coloured rugs in spaces that get a lot of light for a warm and appealing look! Persian and Oriental rugs always look incredible in dark shades.

rich area rug

Light Colours

If you choose a light area rug colour, it will help make a small space look larger! Additionally, if you have dark-coloured walls, the light rug will provide a nice contrast!

Contrasting Colours

Soft or muted rugs will blend nicely in rooms that feature design elements like throw pillows or wallpaper in warm shades of orange, red or yellow. Inversely, if your space is mostly white, beige or grey, purchase a brightly coloured and patterned rug to make it pop!

Cool Colours

We recommend using cool colours for your rug like lavender, jade green or baby blue to create a calming effect in your bedroom.

Area Rug Colour Tones

Now that you know more about the different area rug colours to choose from depending on your space let’s discuss colour tones. Colour tones are the variety of shades in an area rug. Keep these tips in mind when looking for the perfect area rug for you!  

Orderly Colour Tones

For a sophisticated and formal look in a space like a dining room, make sure the rest of the room matches the rug’s shades and pattern. The other elements include any furniture, décor pieces and wall hangings. Oriental rugs in rich shades of golds and reds can make any space look regal. Add gold frames on paintings in the same shades as well as dishware in matching colour on a dark wood dining set for the perfect formal dining room!

formal dining room

Subdued Colour Tones

For a serene space like a bedroom, choose light, muted colours for your rug to help calm and relax you for sleep. Match your area rug to your bed linens, wall hangings and furniture for a spa-like atmosphere!

Vivid Colours

Hand-dyed area rugs in bright and vibrant colours will become the focal point of any room. Match a colourful rug to your wall colour for a major impact. Bring in other design elements like throw pillows, vases or lampshades in similar accent colours to create a colour scheme and a uniform look in the space that will look like a professional designed it!

bright area rug

Complementary Colours

You may remember the colour wheel from art classes in school. The colour opposite another colour on the wheel is its complementary colour. Think red and green, orange and blue and yellow and purple. These colour combinations may sound extreme in bold primary and secondary shades, but in muted shades, these combinations can make design magic! Think a pale yellow wall with a deep, dark purple rug and other violet tones in the space’s design elements.


Patterned rugs are always a popular choice for area rugs. Remember, the pattern doesn’t always have to match the rest of the room! There are no set rules when it comes to interior design. Don’t worry about whether or not a rug is too busy for a space. Focus instead on tying together the design elements in the room with your area rug. Make sure the materials, textures and colours work together. They don’t necessarily have to match. For example, think of a white and beige sheepskin rug in a bedroom with yellow linen on the bed and a lavender wool throw blanket on a white leather chair. This mix of textures, materials and colour will tie together well and make for a very cozy and comfortable space! Also, picture a living room with a black and white zebra print rug with a black velvet couch, white metal TV stand and white walls. This combination will make for a room with funky and modern appeal.

zebra print rug

Love Your Rug

Love Your Rug will deep clean or repair your area rug no matter what colour, pattern or material it is. We specialize in Persian rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning, animal-hide rug cleaning and wool rug cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our rug cleaning or rug repair services and why we Love Your Rug!

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