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Choosing a Rug for Your Bathroom

A rug is an important finishing touch in any bathroom. It brings the rest of your décor together and keeps your toes nice and warm in the most private moments. It’s pretty much essential to creating that cozy feeling most
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Top Rug Styles for your Living room

It’s no secret that the perfect area rug provides the finishing touch to any living room. From accenting the space by making it look bigger, to even making a room appear homier or adding an exciting touch, rugs are an
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How to Clean your Bamboo Rug

Largely used in Asian cultures for many centuries, bamboo rugs have rightfully gained many loyal followers over the years. They are a superb carpeting option during the hot months and make excellent summer outdoor rug choices for their cool, comfy
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Why do rugs bleed?

Dye bleed or dye transfer or dye migration during cleaning is very common for many rug owners. And, when it happens, nobody can argue that it does cause frustration and disappointment, especially if you have invested a lot of money
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Choosing your Summer Outdoor Rug

With temperatures on the rise, it is time to transform our patios, decks, porches, balconies or backyards with lightweight, summer rugs that will keep us cool and won’t absorb heat; providing us with a loving, cozy retreat to chill out
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Saving Your Rugs After Fire or Flood

We may be too far away from the fire season, but you know what people say: Better safe than sorry! So, this month we will be dealing with damage done to rugs and carpets from smoke, soot, and floods. Unfortunately,
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