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How to Keep Rugs From Slipping on Carpet

Rugs are an easy décor choice that can transform the atmosphere of the entire room. A lot of people think rugs are only for houses with hardwood floors. It’s a popular misconception that if your house is carpeted, you cannot have area rugs. This fallacy could not be further from the truth. In fact, rugs on top of carpets can actually be a very trendy look that can add an extra layer of style and comfort to the room of your choice. People believe this because they think if you put a rug on top of a carpet, it will slip and slide all over the place. There are many solutions to this issue. Here is how to keep rugs from slipping on carpeted floors:

carpet on carpet

How to Layer Rugs over Carpet

First, let’s break down how to layer a rug on top of your carpet most stylishly. You want it to look chic, not chaotic and cluttered. Follow these tips for how to make it work:


Typically, wall-to-wall carpets come in neutral colours like beige or grey. These carpets have very basic textures and tend to blend in perfectly with the rest of the room. This is where rugs can come in. Rugs add a beautiful focal point to the room. Be bold by choosing a rug with a contrasting texture or fibre to layer over your carpet. Rugs made of jute, sisal or silk in bright colours and eye-popping patterns will add some excitement to the room and work well with your achromatic carpet.


Depending on your space and design tastes, a monochromatic rug can look fantastic as well. If your home is relatively minimalist, a simple patterned beige rug in similar tones to your carpet can really add an extra layer of plush to the room without becoming a distraction.


Another excellent use for rugs on top of carpets is to partition a room. If you have a large open space that you’ve divided into an office, dining room and living room, define each area with a different rug. Play with varying sizes of rugs to place under desks, tables and couches to break up the room.

Tips for Layering a Rug on Carpet

Now you have some design tips for which rug to place on top on your carpet. You may be wondering, ‘what if I trip and fall?’ This is especially true for people with young children or pets running around their homes. It’s relatively easy to keep a rug in place on top of a carpet. Here are five ways to keep your rug from slipping on carpet:

1. Rug Pad or Gripper

The rug pad is a tried-and-true method to keep a rug in place on a hardwood or cement floor. It will not only keep your rug from slipping, and it’ll also make your rug last longer. Most department or hardware stores sell them in all sizes at affordable prices.  

rug pad

2. Caulking or Hot Glue

If you’re more a “do-it-yourself” type person, you can add strips of caulking or hot glue to the back of your area rug. Avoid using latex caulking as it will rub off. Silicone-based caulking is the best choice for this method. Just make sure the glue or caulking is fully dry or cured before flipping it over and placing it on the carpet. You wouldn’t want the rug to be permanently stuck to the carpet! We don’t recommend trying this trick at home on an expensive area rug or a one-of-kind family heirloom as it could damage the underside of the rug. This is an excellent method if you’re unsure about the placement of your area rug!

glue gun

3. Velcro

Velcro is another DIY method that you cry try. Just stick one side on the underside of your rug and attach the other side to where you’d like to place the rug on your carpet. Make sure you’ve measured everything out correctly, as it may be a challenge to move the rug afterwards.

roll of velcro

4. Double-sided tape

Using double-sided tape is a very similar method as using Velcro. Keep in mind; both ways may leave behind a sticky residue on your carpet. You may need a carpet repair service or carpet cleaning service like Love Your Carpet.

double-sided tape

Love Your Rug

If in the process of keeping your area rug for slipping on carpet, you damage your rug, contact Love Your Rug. Our rug repair services are top of the line. We offer the following rug repair services:

We additionally specialize in rug cleaning. Give us a call now or get a free online quote, and you’ll see for yourself why we’re the best rug repair company in the Greater Toronto Area.

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