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Wonna Know More about Area Rug Cleaning?

Traditionally rugs and area rugs were cleaned with water and some sort of soaps, scrubbed with brushes or simple brooms. This type of area rug cleaning did not give good results and the area rugs over the period of time lost their beauty and naturalness of the fiber. Deep cleaning and steam cleaning are also some of the methods applied, and have been found to be quite effective, to restore the life of a area rug. However, there are now newer methods that are technologically safe and chemically harmless for the maintenance of your area rugs. Love Your Rug area rug cleaning Etobicoke applies cutting edge area rug cleaning techniques to provide you with best area rug cleaning in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Love Your rug specializes in area rug cleaning and area rug repair. Love Your rug targets all major cities in Southern Ontario such as Oakville, Brampton, Makham, Newmarket, rug cleaning Mississauga, rug cleaning Waterloo and many other cities in Ontario. As compared to older methods, the new ones allow your area rug to rid off all sorts of grime and dust, and of course clear away all form of residue. Thus, this helps make your area rug look as brand new. On the other hand, traditional area rug cleaning methods are also time consuming and demand lot of energy. Both of these factors are scarce for the modern busy area rug owner. Specifically the one who loves to have pure wool area rugs as his heirloom. These wool area rugs are natural fiber, and have a wax like coating on the surface that disallows any form of residue, spill or dirt to settle to the bottom layers of the fiber. This is in fact a protective shield. Since these are area rugs have extraordinary characteristics, they are all time favorites of pet owners and families with kids, since the wool is resistant are bacteria. To clean these area rugs, another latest method known as dry cleaning is now used to clean them. This method uses almost no water formula. Here , no water means , that only enough water is used that may be required to do the cleaning through vacuuming. Dry cleaning is a very gentle format of cleaning. It leaves the area rugs clean and alive. Moreover, the area rugs also dry within a few hours, rather than in days. The method uses heat and steam to dry up any moisture from the area rug. Moreover the ingredients and used are biodegradable and thus environmentally friendly, too.

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