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Choosing your Summer Outdoor Rug

With temperatures on the rise, it is time to transform our patios, decks, porches, balconies or backyards with lightweight, summer rugs that will keep us cool and won’t absorb heat; providing us with a loving, cozy retreat to chill out and enjoy the beautiful weather and the sun without getting our feet scorched from the heated ground.

Although not on many people’s summer decorating checklist, summer rugs can play a vital role redesigning our outdoor entertaining areas and become a key element that helps us tie the indoor with the outdoor spaces of our home and pull them together.

How about an instant makeover of those areas? Here are some tips as per how to use a rug to deliver exactly that!

1. Size Matters

There are some size requirements about outdoor rugs. Although there is no rule that says how large an outdoor rug needs to be, it goes without saying that it has to be large enough so everything fits on it nicely without looking like it is suffocating.

For example, if you need a rug to go under an outdoor table and seating area, making sure it can accommodate both the table and the chairs (when pulled out) comfortably is your reassurance that you have chosen the right rug size. For even more impressive results, try matching table setting details to colours in the rug; just like we do with indoor rugs. You won’t believe how easily you can spruce up older outdoor chairs and tables with a rug of the right size!

You can enhance your seating area and prepare it for a great dinner party with an eye-catching outdoor rug

2. Kill Two Flies With One Slap!

Besides complimenting your outdoor areas, adding pops of colour and creating an even more comforting effect in backyard amenities, such as a fireplace (who says that it can only be surrounded by wood and brick!), outdoor rugs can also serve as practical ways to prevent the inside of your home from being soiled. If, for example, you have a lounging poolside, having a colourful outdoor rug will help keep wet footprints where they belong – any outdoor space rather than your living room or kitchen. The same applies to dust and allergens, which are caught on the rug(s) and are not carried inside.

3. Create your Peaceful Retreat

A large porch might look too “cold” and, sometimes, even uninviting. A rug can change that and turn this space into a “warm” hosting area. For instance, a porch swing is made far more accessible if only you place a nice outdoor rug underneath it. A new rug can also upgrade the look of old outdoor coffee table sand chairs. Not to mention what outdoor rugs can do to small balconies! Choosing a smaller rug can indeed make a small space look and feel larger and more inviting.

4. Dress up Your Outdoor Walkways

Instead of having your outdoor walkways distinguished by bare brick or concrete, making the area look rather boring, you can certainly opt for outdoor rugs to bring liveliness and fun. It is pretty much like what we do with indoor hallway runners that are mainly used to spice up our spaces and increase the curb appeal of the area.

Use a natural outdoor rug in earthy tones to help the spave infuse warmth and serenity

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

Many homeowners are held back from getting a summer, outdoor rug due to the maintenance that comes with rugs meant for outdoor use and, of course, the cleaning concerns they have. However, maintaining and cleaning an outdoor rug is really no big deal especially when you have taken all precaution measures. Let us see what’s involved.

  • Place a weather-friendly rug on your porch, patio, deck, balcony or backyard – Proper outdoor rugs are created to withstand the various weather conditions, as well as dirt. This also minimises any cleaning requirements.

  • Choose mold- and mildew-resistant outdoor rugs – These rugs dry very quickly and resist fading from sun exposure. Natural outdoor rugs are usually made from bamboo while synthetic ones are typically made from acrylic, nylon or polypropylene.

  • Pick water-resistant rugs – Although cleaning instructions vary per rug and manufacturer, you should be able to clean an outdoor rug with a bristled brush and some plain water, in general. Being water-resistant, the rug can be easily cleaned by hosing it down; this will help scrub the stains or dirt you see on it. As for the cleaning frequency, it can range from once per week to a few times throughout summertime, depending on your climate and where you have placed your rug (i.e. shaded rugs are kept clean for longer periods of time).

After-Cleaning Instructions:

Hang the rug dry. This will allow the water to run off quickly. Finish drying by leaving it out in the sun, as soon as the rug gets damp.

For persistent stains using diluted dish soap might be the best way to deal with them; however, do read the rug’s cleaning instructions before you do anything else.

When you need to store the rugs, simply roll them (never fold them to avoid permanent creases) and keep them in a dry place until next year.

Best Summer Rug Ideas

Looking around for summer rugs will certainly be a rewarding experience considering the many stylish, durable, and easy-to-maintain outdoor rugs out there. From floral prints, which can also serve as a makeshift to wipe off wet feet, and fun geometric shapes that make ideal rugs for a covered patio or sun room (and not only), to muted colour toned, rugs with tropical-inspired vibes (perfect for poolside patios) or lovely decorative tassels and modern patterns, options are literally endless.

Your table-side area or lounge can be enhanced with a marbled motif that adds texture and movement to a serene patio area. Prefer rugs woven from durable, stain-resistant polypropylene fibres that can both dress up a deck and elevate the look of your open-air décor. Plus, they clean up pretty nicely, saving you from a lot of trouble!

A UV-resistant indigo flatweave is another excellent option. From polypropylene or not, it can ground a bustling outdoor space and stand up to summertime wear seasons.

Short-piled outdoor rugs make great choices if you have a pet that hangs out in your backyard or patio. Low-pile rugs in cream and grey tones can contrast beautifully against wood or stone surfaces and deliver a more sophisticated look to your outdoor space. You will also love their soft feel underfoot.

A fantastic idea to add a more luxe touch to a pool party is to use a high-quality outdoor rug (from water-safe materials) with bold, hypnotic designs that can play very well against pops of neon and brass accents, depending on your idea of a summertime soiree you have in mind.

Want to bring a quirky edge to the outdoors? Try a rug that comes with checkered lattice details and a spectrum of bold shades (preferably polyacrylic).

Greek-key outdoor rugs outfitted in white, black, and beige can help infuse more elegance to your outdoor areas and make you fell as if lazing on the seashores of a Mediterranean island!

Thinking about throwing an al fresco dinner party? Why not placing a rug with geometric shapes and deep blue shades? The combination can create an exciting outcome; perfect for modern decors.

For an even fresher summer vibe that will not grow weary on your eyes (or your guests’ eyes), a punchy diamond design on a taupe background is all you need. If you paid attention to instructions mentioned above and bought a rug from durable, weather-safe materials then you have nothing to fear even when the summer storms hit in!

Even small spaces can transform into cozy retreats with an outdoor rug

Final tips:

  • Energetic palettes help create a bold statement.

  • Sketchy lines are reminiscent of watercolour paint. These rugs can usually function as both outdoor and indoor rugs and are built to last many hot summers.

  • Do consider using rugs with a multitude of colours. Daring shades help enhance any eye-catching pattern so beautifully. So, feel free to mix and match!

  • A rug with a tropical flair inspired by scenic beaches of tropical islands is a superb option if you want to relax your space.

  • Rugs with symmetrical patterns contrasted with crazy colours make exceptional statement pieces. Plus, they give you a whole lot of options (varying shades) to play with and bring a patio or any other outdoor space together.

  • Besides the classical ode to the beach (the waves), subtle curves also help capture the vibe of the open sea and add a much-desired element of sophistication. Create an oasis to step on with a dark-to-light fading colour palette or dare to contrast bright blues with lighter shades of purple or green for a bolder look.

  • Weather-resistant rugs with bright/vibrant colours and prints can liven up your patio (and your living room!) and highlight the area. Their wow factor will decidedly charm your guests and increase your stocks as a loving host. Place them under outdoor tables and chairs and enjoy your BBQs of family gatherings!

Do you have any outdoor rugs? How do you like them? Which colours/patterns do you prefer for your outdoor areas? We are all ears!

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