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Thinking About Area Rug Cleaning?

Visit our website for more information about our area rug cleaning services across the Greater Toronto Area. We service a large variety of cities acrtoss Southern Ontario including rug cleaning Toronto, rug cleaning Etobicoke, rug cleaning Mississauga, rug cleaning Bramptonrug cleaning Newmarket, rug cleaners Cambridge, rug cleaning Waterloo, plus a lot of other cities including but not limited to Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Georgetown, Scarborough, Oshawa, Pickering, Orangeville, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Stony Creek, Waterloo. Over the years many methods of area rug cleaning have been in vogue. However, one method seems to surpass all other, when it comes to speed, cleanliness and convenience. This method is simply known as the dry foam extraction cleaning method of area rug cleaning. There are many reasons that this method is popular among far and wide. A thick but even layer of foam is spread all over the area rug. Then with a soft brush the dirt and grime is gently piled away. Once done, with the help of a powerful vacuum that dirt is swept sucked in and this leaves the area rug cleaned of dirt etc.Once such reason is that, since there is little or no water technology used, this helps the area rug to dry sooner. The reality is that only 10% of moisture in the form of foam and water mix is used. This leaves the area rug devoid of any wetness. Cleans the very fiber and leaves the threads silky and soft to touch. Moreover, it does not mean that the embedded dirt is not cleaned. In fact, the machines used to foam, brush and then vacuum are strong enough to reach the any dirt within the layers or the bed of the area rug. Interestingly, the foam a has a beautiful fragrance also, and the chore is surprisingly done hardly in any time. This entire process is mess free and fool proof. The vacuum and the foam machine completely sweep away the dirt from the area rug, leaving is as fresh as new. So, why adore the traditional area rug a washing techniques, that are not only tome consuming but also require hard labor. The area rug takes ages to dry, what to talk of the smell of soiled material that takes ages to wear off. It has been observed that dry foam extraction system, has taken over all forms and methods of area rug cleaning and is here to stay, because of its user friendly technique.

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