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Rugs or Rags?

Rug cleaning is an art. This means that rugs must be handled in an appropriate manner to yield best results. For best rug cleaning results in Toronto check out our website at rug cleaning Toronto. Love Your Rug offers the best and most professional rug cleaning services in Canada. Read more at Rugs that are manhandled end up turning into rags. This is truly applicable to the ones that are exposed to the mercy of washing machines. Though these machines are ideal for laundry, but in no way are they rug friendly. Once a rug has been through the rough and tough jerks of a washing machine and then the grinding in a dryer, that rug will never be able to retain its original softness, luster and even the color. Using washing machines to clean the rugs is like inviting permanent damage to the rugs. Therefore, it is essential to  note that rugs must alt all times be treated with cleaning tools that are gentle  such as soft brushes, on the minute fibers of the rug. Moreover, cleaning detergents applied on rugs also should be free of any chemicals such as hydrogen. Cleaning solutions that are rich in chemicals, when used for cleaning will make the rug fibers brittle. This applies specifically to those rugs that are expensive or are made of silk thread. Since these threads are very soft, and require specific cleaning details, they are also prone to easy damage. We do know that silk threads are strong and longer lasting; however, it must be borne in mind that, if mistreated, these silken rugs are not totally immune to the ill effects of chemicals that are found in some of the cleaning solutions. In addition, to these simple steps, rugs are items of beauty enhancements in your homes. Sometimes they are prettier than carpets. Irrespective, of their price in dollars, the price of the beauty and elegance they add to the hallways, doorsteps and fireplaces in immeasurable. At times these rugs take the sweetest memories of our homemaking and end up as story tellers. So, why not ensure that, your area rugs in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Waterloo, Cambridge, or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area are well maintained and kept in good condition.

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