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Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Made Easy

This article explains some of the best practices that you could follow in case you decide to clean your oriental area rug yourself, but if you live in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga or any other cities/towns in Southern Ontario, and if you want professional area rug cleaning services that will guarantee your area rugs get the best cleaning and do not get damaged consider Love Your Rug, read more at area rug cleaning in Toronto. Cleaning of oriental rugs require special care as compared to machine knit ones. One of the reasons being that oriental rugs are hand-made and on top of that the threads used are rare silk or cottons. These rugs have not undergone the rough ride of machines; therefore there is an element of delicacy about them. These rugs are beautiful to look at in order to maintain their exclusivity, extreme care must be taken to the selection of washing detergents. Usually, how would one determine that an oriental rug needs cleaning? The answer is simple. It all depends upon the usage, exposure to traffic and of course their upkeep. It is generally understood according to the principles of hygiene that oriental rugs must go through the washing process once every 2-3 years. Again it must be borne in mind that if an oriental rug is not cleaned and washed, it may be rendered to dust mites, and the dist inside the rug may very likely damage the rug beyond repair. Thus, it may also lose its glister and that exquisite look of its intricate patterns. However, it is a known fact that these rugs are color fast. So, cleaning solutions for the same are also available in the market. Whereas, simple cleaning solutions that are home –made can be equally effective. Many times mixing vinegar in the prepared solutions sometimes help get better results. Whatever, type of cleaning solution is used, extreme care must be taken while scrubbing in the direction of the nab. Failure to do so will spoil the smooth finish of the rug and will give a disoriented look. Similarly, use of stiff brush with hard thistles should be avoided at all costs. The reason, being that it will pull off the fiber from the pile. Thick absorbent cloth should be used for dabbing and drying of the rug. It is easy to ward off simple dirt and grime, but when it comes to stubborn a stain that is where the challenge lies. Especially such as coffee and other, then these should be dabbed with cleaning solution and scrubbed gently. Now clean the stain with wet sponge dipped in clean water. After that, dab that area dry with a cloth. This procedure might be repeated to get best results. Do not forget to keep a thick absorbent cloth under the rug to avoid the floor getting wet. If you do not want to risk damaging your oriental area rug then just bring it in to Love Your Rug and we will make sure we clean it in the best way possible, without damaging it. Here is more on our oriental rug cleaning oriental area rug cleaning Toronto. At the same time, sometimes oriental rugs are made of wool thread. This when washed or cleaned can get extremely heavy and very difficult to lift. One method best applied to these types of rugs is to always hang them up against a hard surface such as a wall, preferably upside down. This helps the water to drip and at the same and avoids any moisture build –up on the rug. This done, if it is a sunny warm day, then let nature do the drying, otherwise alternate methods of drying can also be applied. Oriental rugs are hand-made and they can be very expensive. At times, it may take months to weave one, which of course is an also exquisite piece of art and craft. All said and done, remember oriental rugs are masterpieces and must be maintained regularly for durability and beauty.

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