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So you want to find out how to preserve the beauty of your precious area rug with professional rug cleaning? Lets start of with some simple tips you can and already probably do yourself. Vacuuming the carpet daily is a great way to keep the carpet clean. Cleaning up spills immediately is also very important to preserve the life of the rug. When deciding to make a deep clean, you need to hire a rug cleaner. And you need to choose a rug cleaner that will give you the results you want because there are many different types of rug cleaners. Rug Cleaning Equipment Adding more life to your rug or carpet depends how often you vacuum it and also how much foot traffic affects the life as well. You can also preserve its feel and look by minimizing foot traffic and cleaning it regularly. There are 2 main ways to clean your carpet; you can buy a self cleaning kit that you can find in most markets, or you can hire a rug/carpet cleaner. At Love Your Rug Cleaning Oakville and Greater Toronto Area we are all about cleaning rugs better than anyone else in Canada. Combining these two approaches gives you the best long-term results and is most cost effective. It really depends on the age and condition of the rug/carpet. If your carpet is dirtied in the first few weeks vacuuming it would be optimal. For the next step in the rug cleaning you should call a professional who will clean your rug with expert knowledge and they will use the best cleaning agents that will least harm the rugs life and design. They also use the latest technology that no home-owner will have access to. Professional rug cleaners will also gladly give you advice on how to care for your rug in the long-run until you bring the rug back for a new cleaning. It is easiest to remove dirt particles by vacuuming regularly. For best results, you should use a vacuum that uses beaterbars, and also it is important to ensure that the suction of your vacuum is optimal as well. Also remember to change filters and keep recovery tanks clean always. Soil and oil based materials are the worst for your rug, and with a lot of foot traffic those materials get stuck deep inside the rug and become impossible to remove with a vacuum. This means that its time for a professional rug cleaner to do his magic. A professional rug cleaning is usually needed every 18 months depending on usage and the colour of your rug. Some popular methods of cleaning are by using steam or hot water extraction. A few other common practices are using absorbent pads, rotary shampoos, dry foam or powder or bonnet cleaning. Before cleaning your rug with a professional you should discuss the pro and cons of each method.

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