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A Quick Guide to Rug Cleaning and Rug Repair

Rug cleaning is an ever-growing business. If you want professional area rug cleaning Toronto or area rug repair Toronto, click those links to visit LoveYourRug which is a huge area rug cleaners in Etobicoke, with a comprehensive area rug pickup service across Southern Onratio. Love Your Rug picks up dirty and damaged area rugs form all majotr cities in Southern Ontario, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton, Hamilton, Burlington, North York, Markham, Niagara, Newmarket, Markham and much more. Gone are the days when people would clean their own rugs and spend hours and hours into only washing them? On top of that they would spend days after days to get them sun dried. And when ultimately they would use them, the silky softness and the smoothness of the rug was totally compromised. Modern times, promises freedom from all that painstaking and there are now options available for the rug owner, to either have his rugs washed and cleaned in a traditional way , opt for a steam cleaning process or dry clean them. There are also professionals who excel in this business and can guide you as well help you decide what method would be best suited for your type of rug. This means that the cleaning process will vary with the type of the material a rug is made of. The silkier the thread of the rug, the more essential to opt for steam cleaning. The primary reason being that, these rugs are delicate and require softer brushes to ward off dirt and grime. Moreover, since any use of high chemical detergents can also harm their finishing as well may even discolor the rug itself, therefore, milder type of rug cleaners that are strictly devoid of bleaching chemicals are to be applied for the cleaning purposes. However, it has been observed that, dry cleaning can also be an option for those rugs that need not deep washing. The dry cleaning process is equipped with high pressure machines such as vacuums that are truck mounted units. These units apply high pressure water to wash away the dirt and grime to the very core of the area rug. Then the water is extracted from the rug with these machines and this leaves the rug as dry as a dry wall. Sometimes, professional rug cleaning services also apply solutions that restore the original softness and the luster of the fibers of the rug. This leaves the rug as good as new and also gets lighter in weight, as the heaviness caused by the dirt and residue is totally removed out of the rug.

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