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Rug Cleaning News

On this page you will find interesting news that are heppening in Ontario Canada. We will keep you up to date with industry trends as well as everyday events that are effecting all of us living in this great province.

News Archive

May 2011
18 May 2011:
The Toronto Police are looking for a boy that was seen by several people wandering the streets of Eglinton Avenue on Wednesday morning. Two individuals say they saw the young boy on Eglinton Avenue West near Avenue Rd around 8:30 a.m. The buy was crying and was distressed and seemed to be lost. Although the Toronto Police officers have checked schools they have not found the boy, nor has anyone reported a missing child. He is about 5 years old, blonde hair, was wearing black rubber boots, a blue jacket and a baseball cap backward.
May 2011
16 May 2011:
Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney warns Canadians, that the global debt crisis which have cause the United States market to collapse in 2008 are still not over and will have an effect on Canada since whatever happens in the USA has a direct implication for Canada on everything from exports, to interest rates to the value of the Canadian dollar. The main problem is the increased spending by governments and citizens. He notes that the Debt-to-GDP in G7 countries is currently at the highest point sinceWorld War 2. A potential solution is to diversify Canadian exports as to not depend so much on the United States.
May 2011
May 12 2011:
The Toronto Police Services Board reached an agreement with the Toronto Police Association with the aims of increasing the salaries of police officers in Toronto by 11.2% over four years. This will increase salaries of Police officers in Toronto by as high as $100 million per year. This is a very bad decision made by proponents of salary hikes for Police officers like Mayor Rob Ford. In a time of economic instability when saving is the most important strategy, taking more of the taxpayers dollars is definitely not a wise move. Surprisingly Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has also criticized Mayor Rob Ford for supporting the wage hike, even though Premier Dalton McGuinty is himself increasing expenses in the Province. The city of Toronto should protest against this because if the Police get this deal Police officers will be making $90,000 per year, and this will cause police officers all across Canada to demand higher wages, which will impact all canadians.
May 2011
May 9 2011:
Canadian Tire offers $771 million to a sportswear chain called the Forzani Group. Forzani group owns Sport Chek and Sports Expers. Canadian Tire said they would match any bid that other companies offer to Forzani Group, although Forzani Group agreed to not seek other offers. If the deal goes through, it would create approximately 1000 sporting goods stores, which is an increase of 500 stores compared to the currently existant 500 stores. Finally Forzani group has officially agreed to pay a $15 million fee if they fail to sell their stores.
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