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Rug Cleaning News

On this page you will find interesting news that are heppening in Ontario Canada. We will keep you up to date with industry trends as well as everyday events that are effecting all of us living in this great province.

News Archive

Jan 2021
Clean Rugs Equals Healthy Lungs
Clean rugs make your home look new and inviting. But that’s not all you should expect from rug cleaning. Clean rugs have a lot to do with your family’s health too. The American Lung Association says that people who suffer from health conditions like asthma or breathing issues must keep their rugs as clean as possible. They recommend vacuuming rugs thrice a week and taking your woolen or Persian rugs to a rug cleaner at least once a year. Cleaning your rugs frequently frees them of any trapped pollutants like dust and allergens. It can also help prevent dust mite infestation which can cause allergies too. In high-humidity regions, unclean rugs can lead to mold growth that can lead to fungal infections. Taking your rugs to a good rug cleaning company in Toronto can help create a healthier home.
Jan 2021
Household Cleaning Supplies Are A Death Sentence for Your Rug
You might think that you can do as good a job with your rug as any of the professional rug cleaning companies in Toronto. Well, we don’t doubt your skills. But what you may not know is that you might be using the wrong carpet cleaner. Household cleaning supplies or cheap chemicals can be disastrous for your precious rugs. Laundry detergents and household cleaning agents contain substantial amounts of bleach and chemicals. These can permanently damage the delicate material of your rugs, resulting in discoloration and roughness. For minor stains, you should rather use a homemade solution of white vinegar and water. But for deeper cleaning, take your rugs to a professional rug cleaner.
Jun 2011
29 June 2011
Canada Post is back in business as of Monday June 28 2011. The company has announced that it will try its best to deliver all the mail that has accumulated over the strike, however it will take a week for it to get back to regular business operations. Canada Post will use third party delivery companies to help speed up the process.
Jun 2011
21 June 2011:
Canada Post strikers are not happy with Harper government’s new proposal today of back-to-work legislation, which will try to pass a bill in the Senate for a lower wage settlement than the one Canada Post offered its workers previously. The new bill is called the C-6 Bill, which is estimated to decrease the wages of workers by $875.50 over the 4 year deal. This is Harper governments effort to get workers back and to cut off the power of strikes and their effects on crown corporations like the Canada post. The strike has costed Canada Post about $100 million.
Jun 2011
8 June 2011:
Air Canada may be going on strike again next week. The customer service agents at Aur Canada have had enough and 3,800 employees are threatening Air Canada with a strike unless the grant them discount airline and pension changes. The employees want Air Canada to change their pension plans to a defined contribution pension plan.
May 2011
27 May 2011:
A Canadian meteorologist Geoff Coulson has warned citizens of Ontario Friday May 27 2011, that Ontario is in danger of being hit by an F$ tornado. His argument is that we should expect to see a Tornado in Ontario once every 15 years. The last one happened in Barrie in 1985 and 12 people were killed and many homes lost.
May 2011
18 May 2011:
The Toronto Police are looking for a boy that was seen by several people wandering the streets of Eglinton Avenue on Wednesday morning. Two individuals say they saw the young boy on Eglinton Avenue West near Avenue Rd around 8:30 a.m. The buy was crying and was distressed and seemed to be lost. Although the Toronto Police officers have checked schools they have not found the boy, nor has anyone reported a missing child. He is about 5 years old, blonde hair, was wearing black rubber boots, a blue jacket and a baseball cap backward.
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