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Wool or Polypropylene Rugs?

Many people wonder about the difference between synthetic and hand woven cotton rugs. Truth be told, it’s night and day and you are about to find out why. It should be noted, though, that at the end of the day,
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A Buyer’s Guide to Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are one of the oldest known – and to many collectors, the finest- oriental rugs that add mystery (and beauty) to every home. However, before buying one, first be sure these carpets are indeed for you. To help
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Silk Persian Rugs- What You Should Know

A genuine Persian rug or carpet is woven with real silk. Unfortunately, some rug retailers sell Persian rugs that are comprised of artificial silk. This is mainly the case with carpets that come from countries such as India, Turkey, and,
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Oriental Rug Care

Besides being utterly beautiful, genuine hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs are extra durable and can last in time, provided you know how to take care of them to protect them from premature wear and damage. Some of the most common
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The Look of Postmodern Rug Design

At Love Your Rug Cleaning Hamilton we have  many customers with  postmodern rugs so we want to dedicate this article to the postmodern rug design. If you like contemporary updates to styles from the past, then you will probably enjoy postmodern
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