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Why Does My Rug Smell After Cleaning & How To Treat It

Rugs are an essential aspect of home decor and lifestyle. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of any space multiple times, these decor pieces also provide warmth and comfort. With these benefits comes the necessity of cleaning, restoring & maintaining it regularly.

Proper rug maintenance is only perfected with time, trial and error. Even after a thorough cleaning, rugs and carpets often emit a foul smell. Love Your Rug is here to discuss all you’re needing answers for when it comes to cleaning rugs, why it smells after cleaning and how to get rid of the smell after carpet cleaning.

Various tools used for rug cleaning including a vacuum, brush, and cleaning solution

According to experts, vacuuming is great for the short term. However, for carpets to perform and look their best, it requires a deep-cleaning session at least once every 12 to 18 months. If you cannot provide the apt care your carpets need, it is best recommended to get it done by professional rug cleaners.

Why Does My Carpet Smell After Cleaning?

The first issue we are going to address here is the reason rugs and carpets still smell after cleaning. There could be not one but several factors causing this. To remove any odour and stain from your carpets, you must first know from where it is coming. It could be any of these five reasons. A foul smell might remain, even when you know where the odour is from, and your cleaning session is over.

Here are four possible reasons why this could happen:

  1. Carpets Not Well-Dried

This is one of the most common reasons that leave behind smelly carpets even after a thorough cleaning session. If the carpet is not dried properly, mould and mildew that grow on it can cause the odour. Placing a moist rug in a room without sunlight and air movement makes it even worse. So, you must know how to dry your carpet after cleaning if you do not want any unpleasant smell lingering.

  1. Damp Rug Pads

Good-quality rug pads soak up any kind of spillage and prevent it from reaching hardwood floors. This is why we need to focus beyond the surface of the carpet. To avoid any lingering odour post-cleaning, you must ensure the rug pads underneath have been cleaned and dried thoroughly as well.

  1. Incomplete & Improper Cleaning

When dealing with large items like rugs and carpets, self-cleaning cannot guarantee complete rejuvenation. This is why professional rug cleaning is better than in-home extraction.

However, even some alleged professional cleaners need to perform the job better. Low-quality cleaning can leave the rugs and carpets in poor condition, with foul-smelling remnants. We avoid this from happening. Highly experienced and expert rug cleaners from Love Your Rug deliver services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Tough Stains & Smell

Some of the toughest stains & smells to get rid of off carpets and rugs come from pet urine. These can be permanent if not taken care of promptly. Other persistent smells could come from cigarette smoke, petrol, chemicals and food. These remain embedded in the deepest layers and require professional cleaning experts to eliminate them.

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How To Get Rid of Smell After Carpet Cleaning

If you prefer cleaning your carpets yourself, you need to do it well, or else they may end up smelly because of any of the reasons listed above. Here are a few ways how you can get rid of the smell at home:

Allow for More Sunlight & Air: Exposure to sunlight and air circulation promotes proper drying of freshly cleaned carpets. Even letting windows stay open for some time helps eliminate the odour from the carpet.

Baking Soda: This active ingredient works wonders for absorbing foul smells. Sprinkle some baking soda all over the carpet or leave a box open throughout the night and vacuum it in the morning. You can vacuum it in the morning and have your odourless carpet ready!

Borax: This powdery white mineral is a natural odour remover and an effective solution to eliminating odours left by cleaning carpets manually. Similar to baking soda, you can sprinkle some borax on your carpet and leave it overnight. Clean it up the next day, as it leaves your home smelling fresh.

None of this will be required if you get your carpet cleaned by professional carpet cleaners like Love Your Rug. We deep clean all types of floor coverings and ensure to leave them looking fresh and smelling great.

Our efficient 9-step process involves dusting, cleaning and drying completely. This does not allow the carpet to retain any moisture that promotes mould growth and mildew. We also finish it with sanitization and deodorization, so you can rest assured that your rugs will not release any odour after cleaning.

The Cost: How Much is Carpet Cleaning?

Professional rug cleaning is a must at least once every 12-18 months. The cost of cleaning rugs and carpets depends on the items’ type, quality and size. You can fill out this form to get an instant quote for your rug cleaning requirements.

Love Your Rug has over a century of experience cleaning and repairing rugs. Contact us today, and let us help you restore your carpets  to pristine condition. We offer quality rug cleaning services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and other places in Canada.

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