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Top Rug Tips

Part of our job as rug cleaning experts is to guide our clients to the perfect rug, always taking into consideration their needs and making sure their rug fits all of them. Some of the things we need to know are (1) the area the rug will be placed and (2) the amount (and type) of foot traffic it will receive. Another important aspect to look at is what effects do our clients want their rug to provide for that area. Do they want the room to look bigger? Warmer? Do they need their rug to become the focal point of the room? Do they need many rugs in one space? To start unraveling this ball of yarn, here are some useful tips (and solutions) about the most burning issues our clients are dying to know about!

Tips about:

1. Color

There is no rule dictating that the colors should match exactly. Look around you. Nothing is 100% matchy-matchy (see nature- i.e. a rose has so many different greens in its leaves and every rosebud has so many shades of colors, yet you look at the rose in awe) and if you try too hard, you will only get yourself a poor, artificial effect. To be frank, getting hung up on a color matching to get a perfect shade match will lead you to frustration with mathematical accuracy.


You can start with a rug and then take it from there, pulling the color options. This is a handy trick that most designers use, especially when they are re-doing a room to make it fresh and up-to-date or doing it from scratch. If bold colors make you feel uncomfortable, then start small (i.e. choose a tribal rug that goes with everything). Once you get the hang of it, you will discover a color that makes your heart melt. This is when you will know you can move to color the walls. One of the best things about rugs is that they have a lot of design elements and color, so you are not limited to using only one color or a single aspect. This means that you can experiment on the color of your walls quite a few times over the life of your rug!

A rule of thumb is that light colors make spaces or objects appear bigger and dark colors do the exact opposite. So, if your space is rather small, better use a rug with light colors to give a more expansive look at the room. Another golden rule is to stick to similar hues, and you will find out that everything will work out just beautifully.

Truth be told, color is the least you should be worried about. We can’t say the same for:

2. Size


Deciding on the rug size that best fits their spaces is THE number one mistake. Most people end up getting a rug that is too small and makes everything in the room look completely out of scale. If you buy the wrong size, you can have a disastrous effect. In general, try to buy rugs that don’t go along the edges of the furniture; they have to exceed them to make the room look larger.

How to Mix Rugs

Usually, oriental rugs are much easier to combine, compared to other rugs, mainly due to their common color palette and overall sensibility. Also, they come with exquisitely detailed patterns that are highly unlikely to clash with other patterns. That said, it is best to have a dominant color when you want to mix several rugs. This should allow the combination to work better.

Note that rugs placed in the same area have to be complementary, not match exactly or be laid straight on. In fact, if you lay them diagonal, your room’s visual interest will significantly increase!

How to Warm up your Space

There are many details that should be well taken care of so that a room’s décor feels finished and, of course, warm. An area rug is just one of those details that can also help you soften any hard surfaces, such as tile and wood flooring that can give out a cold underfoot look and feel.

square-rug-in-foyerImage: Better Decorating Bible

Tip: Placing square rug in foyers is a great idea and will make your guests feel welcome and your home cozy and warm (see image above).

Now, when it comes to the material of the rug, wool is much preferred because it is naturally soil resistant, due to its outer layer that doesn’t allow dirt to penetrate to the rug’s inner layers. This makes vacuuming, hence removing dirt, significantly easier.

What you Need to Know About Wool

Wool comes in many grades. In general, the higher altitude sheep are, the finer the wool from those sheep. What you definitely need is live wool from a young, healthy animal. This means that the wool is shared from a live, healthy animal. On the contrary, dead wool is taken from a dead animal with chemical techniques and has no oils, which makes it tough to the touch.

Wool rugs have another valuable attribute. They act as air filters and trap allergens (i.e. pollen and dust) in their outer layers. Plus, wool itself is a non-allergenic material that helps keep allergens out of your breathing zone.

How to Coordinate the Perfect Look

When you go shopping, bring your flooring samples (tile, wood flooring, carpeting, etc.). Refrain yourself from making an impulsive purchase by creating a photo album on Pinterest (private Pin Board) or your smartphone. Take pictures of your home, details of the room, closeups of your windows, furniture, etc., and add them to the album. This will help you stay focused on your vision.

Tip: Never go out to the shops without first having the proper measures of everything in your space, including sizes of the room, window frames, doorways, chair height, and pieces of furniture, as well as the ideal size of accessories you are hoping to find, such as painting or mirrors.

Needless to say, be daring and ask as many questions you feel necessary to make up your mind. If the person in front of you is a knowledgeable expert on their field, they will have no problem getting every question answered! After all, it is your home we are talking about, and it has to be just perfect for you and your loved ones.

Having trouble cleaning your rug? Here are some tips to help you out!

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