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The Look of Postmodern Rug Design

Wavy-Circles-Design-Turkey-Area-Rugs-At Love Your Rug Cleaning Hamilton we have  many customers with  postmodern rugs so we want to dedicate this article to the postmodern rug design. If you like contemporary updates to styles from the past, then you will probably enjoy postmodern interior design. This contemporary style shuns minimalism in favour of decorative surfaces and designs. Postmodern rug design came out of that movement and it has slowly managed to reshape the way that we live and the way that we design the interiors of our homes. The typical long rectangular shapes have been challenged; the prescriptive sizes have shifted upward and downward and even the geometry of patterns has been moving into the forefront of postmodern design.

Just What Does Post Modern Design Look Like?

HDC fall market 2011 030Postmodern design as we know it today has its genesis in the great artistic shift on the 1960’s which not only changed artistic influence but expanded a popularity spike that shook the industry to its core. This increase in popularity, known to some as the pop art revolution, has lasted up until today. The movement was established in a large way as a reaction against the earlier modernist movement, that had been established in the early 20th century as the old world met with the new and the classical/traditional aesthetic gave way to modern design. Most aspects of the postmodern movement in interior and rug design started in America, and expanded out into the world over time. Surprisingly, so-called postmodern interior design eschews tropes of modernism including functional minimalism and the avoidance embellishments. This was one so that the postmodern designers had more freedom in their craft and style pallet. and their ability to realize their visions.

Area Rugs in Postmodern Design

Ballard-Designs-Saybrook-Indoor-Outdoor-Rug-Beauteous-rugs-design-ideas-Scenic-dash-and-albert-rugs-Post-Modern-Style-Beauteous-rugs-design-ideas-Scenic-dash-and-albert-rugs-Post-Modern-Style-1280x1280When it comes to the role of rugs in postmodern design the focus is on the application of area rugs. These rugs can be uses in several ways. Because many postmodern interior layouts involve the presence of rough or abrasive surfaces and textures, area rugs have been found to be useful in softening these areas. Rugs are also used in postmodern design to define spatial realms, while at the same time being able to shift the eyes attention from colours and textures. Also, because these rugs are often large and dominant, they can become the focal point of a very interesting postmodern interior design schemes. Designers can also find ways to compliment rugs through the general design of a room. Some interesting uses of rugs in postmodern design include the contemporary rug in a kitchen, the sisal rug, and the outdoor/indoor rug in an entry area to complete the feeling of an overall design.

modern-cool-party-design-rugOf course one of the more interesting aspects of postmodern design, especially in regards to the use of rugs, has to do with the tendency to use classical/ traditional objects to create diversified or eclectic feel to the overall area. This is where the wit and joy of postmodern design comes into play. Juxtaposing the right two divergent elements can create a smart sort of thematic commentary that can make the most out of an overall postmodern design scheme.

Post Modern Design is in the Details

contemporary-rugSome notable individuals in the postmodern age of design include the design moguls Robert Venturi, Michael Graves, Philip Johnson, and Robert A.M. Stern. The furnishing styles these luminaries focused on envisioned the utility of craft to make one of a kind aesthetically challenging, rugs and furnishings. This craft revival led to the advent of ergonomic furniture and rugs. For example, Judy Mckie, a postmodern furniture designer, integrated distinctive animal and primal themes into her work and this was mirrored in several examples of high end rug designs at the time, with examples that even integrated element of Persian and oriental design.

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