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The Best Area Rugs for Your Entryway

Choosing the right area rug for your entryway is crucial in the winter months. If you don’t want to track dirty slush or leave salt stains throughout your house, it’s important you have somewhere sturdy to wipe your boots the second you walk into your house. The area rug in your entryway is the first thing you, your family members and your guests will see so make sure it’s practical but makes a statement. First and foremost, identify the type of entryway you have in your home. Here are three different spaces that are typically found when opening the front door of a house: Area rugs
  1. Mudroom

A mudroom is a utilitarian entryway. These are most often found in homes with large families. There are cubbies, racks drawers, hooks and cabinets for coats, winter accessories, sports gear and more. Instead of being an open concept space, this is almost like a separate room. An area rug for a mudroom should be very durable as there will be a lot of footwear being put on and removed in this space. It’s a good idea to invest in an indoor-outdoor rug. A waterproof area rug is fantastic as it will absorb the snow and other precipitation brought into the house by winter boots. We recommend getting a rectangular indoor-outdoor rug with a unique detailed pattern so stains are less likely to be noticed. We also suggest that you go for a dark shade as this will also help hide any blemishes. You should accurately measure out the space and get a rug that fits snugly into the space but can still easily be removed for cleanings or repairs. If you leave at least four inches of space on each side of the rug, that should be sufficient. Mudroom
  1. Standard

A standard entryway is what is most commonly referred to as a foyer. In a typical-sized foyer, you have more freedom with shapes and patterns. If your entryway is essentially a long hallway, look for a runner. A runner is a long rectangular rug that extends almost the entire length of the hallway. Other shapes you can look for in a stand entryway area rug include:
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Tasseled
Depending on the room the rug leads into, match the design and colours to other elements in that space. If your foyer leads into the kitchen and that room has wooden cabinetry, go for a rustic area rug in your entryway. If you can see your living room from your foyer and it has a lot of warm tones, get an entryway rug in a rusted burgundy shade. If your entryway points to your dining room which has your fine china on display, get an oriental rug. You can be bold in choosing the patterns and details in your area rug for this space as it sets the tone for the design in the rest of the house. Entryway
  1. Grand Entryway

A grand entryway typically means a wide-open space that leads to a staircase. There are a lot of options for entryway area rugs if your space fits this description. We recommend playing up the shape of the space with your area rug. If you have a curved staircase leading to your home’s second floor, look for a round or oval-shaped area rug. If your stairs have sharp edges, get a rectangular or square rug with a geometric pattern with right angles that mimic the ones on your steps. In a large space, you can also go for a unique area rug like an animal hide or shag rug. In the colder months, this will warm up your feet the second you walk into your room. Going for a unique look in a grand entryway is a great way to set the tone for your personal style in the rest of your home. If you are investing in a special area rug, ensure you have somewhere for guests to wipe their feet on the other side of the door so your statement piece doesn’t get dirty. Grand entryway There is a lot of foot traffic in the entryway of your home. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your area rug in the entryway will most likely get soiled. At Love Your Rug, we recommend bringing your area rug in for cleanings at least twice a year. We also have a wide selection of repair services including cutting, re-fringing, binding and re-surging. If your entryway rug has some wear and tear, contact us today and we’ll have it looking as good as new. Rug cleaning

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