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Perfect Rug Styles for your Entryway

Stack of Rugs First impressions are undeniably important. Whether it’s your date that comes off a little too dismissive of the server, a job interview where the employees seem apathetic, or a clothing store where the salesperson is a tad too attentive – the negative ones stick with you, affecting your future likelihood of engaging with that person, place, or thing again! One first impression that people are often concerned with, and rightfully so, is how their home comes off to visitors. You’ve certainly heart that classic anxiety-inducing phrase “the neighbours are coming,” haven’t you? As fun as having company over is, it also means that your house has to look like the best version of itself. Once the curtains are drawn, the centrepiece is perfected, the surfaces are dusted, the floor is mopped, the pillows are fluffed, the aromatic food is cooking, and the table is set, it’s time to ensure your entryway (the first impression of your home), is looking awe-inspiring! There are a variety of ways in which you can make that first room of your house pop. From installing flattering light fixtures overhead, to placing a striking piece of art on the wall or sculpture in the corner, to nurturing a nice plant by the coat rack, you have options. However, at Love your Rug, we believe there is no nicer way to welcome your guests into your home than to have them walk upon a unique rug that adds character to your space!

Here is our definitive list of the best rug styles to decorate your entryway:

  1. Area

One of the most widely used types of rugs, area rugs are perfect for rooms big and small. The benefit of getting a standard area rug for your entryway is that they can be customized and come in virtually all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Therefore, whether you’re a funky designer, or a polished professional type, you can find an area rug that suits your personality! We will touch on some different types of area rugs later in this list!
  1. Runner

Just because your entryway isn’t a wide room, doesn’t mean you need to forgo a plush carpet at your feet! For narrower spaces, such as front hallways, runner style rugs shine. Think of your front hallway runner as the “red carpet” for your guests to glide along as they make their way into your ornately decorated home!
  1. Doormat

Are you known for your kooky personality and sense of humor? Then we’d wager a guess that you could really have fun with this one if you like! Doormats are the ideal small-surface area rug for your guests to wipe their shoes and enter your sacred space! The reason we mentioned humor is that many doormats are known for the fun phrases often printed on them, such as:
  • “Hi, I’m Mat”
  • “The neighbours have better stuff”
  • “Definitely not a trap door”
Make your guests burst into laughter before you’ve even had to pull out your first joke of the evening!
  1. Hand-woven

Rugs are one of the most ancient forms of art, and what better way to appreciate the roots of the craft than by commissioning a hand-woven rug from a local artisan? Since the dawn of time, various cultures have been weaving gorgeous rugs out of raw materials, why not get yourself one? In doing so, you can guarantee that your entryway rug is truly one of a kind!
  1. Persian

Speaking of hand-woven rugs, one of the most intricately stunning types of rugs, the Persian rug, is a true art piece in any entryway. Typically knotted, these rugs can have their fiber knotted together and can take more than a year to craft expertly by hand! Not only will you have a surface for guests to step onto warmly, but you’ll also get a conversation piece out of your Persian rug!
  1. Braided

Braided rugs, known for their braided long sections of cloth sewn together, are a stunning option for those looking for a less-geometrically square shape.
  1. Shag

Shag rugs amp up the coziness factor with their soft and thick material that provides a welcoming first step into any home. They are more casual and perfect for those with laid-back personalities that value peace and comfort!

Why Love your Rug

Low angle view looking out an opening domestic front door At Love your Rug, we offer top tier rug cleaning and rug repair on all rugs imaginable! We offer pick-up and delivery on rugs all across Southern Ontario and instant online rug cleaning quotes! Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

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