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10 Signs It’s Time for a Professional Rug Cleaning

professional rug cleaning

Most professional rug cleaning services recommend you clean your carpet every 12-24 months to keep your warranty valid.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your daily schedule and forget about the dirt, allergies, hair, and a variety of other contaminants that cause havoc on your carpeting. Filthy carpets are not really noticeable, and sweeping alone can’t get rid of anything embedded deep inside the fibers.

It’s essential to hire professional rug cleaning if you would like your carpet to look brand new.

If you’re still unsure if it’s time for professional cleaning, here are ten signs showing that the carpet requires professional help.

1. Stains on the Carpet

One of the shortcomings of a rug is that it stains. Once you drop something on it like food or beverages, they most likely will stick to it for months or years till you decide to clean it.

Unfortunately, this greatly reduces the rug aesthetic. As such, if your carpet has many different stains that have become noticeable, it would be wise to have it cleaned professionally.

Failure to clean your carpet at that stage will make your home look unkempt and uncared for. This can make you feel uncomfortable welcoming visitors into your home.

Take a good look at your carpet. If it’s looking defeated, an excellent carpet deep clean will put some pep back in its step.

2. Allergy Symptoms

The carpet does a great job of absorbing water trapped in shoes. It also does an excellent job of keeping the house warm. However, it can also trap many allergens in the environment.

Once this happens, it leaves those around the carpet vulnerable to allergies. So, if the people in your house are coughing, complaining of congestion, and sneezing, it would be wise to have the carpets cleaned.

Your carpet might not necessarily be the leading cause of allergies. However, there’s a high possibility, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in the last three months.

3. Having Difficulty Cleaning the Carpet Yourself

It is common for every person to try and vacuum their carpet every other day. You probably also try your best to wipe off any spills once they occur.

However, with time, that is not enough to keep the carpet clean. Your carpet will no longer get clean when you vacuum because mildew and dirt have embedded deep into the rug’s fibers.

Because of this, you can’t remove the stains and dirt using elbow grease and a vacuum. Professionals come ready with their cleaning equipment and top quality products. Once you work with them, there’s a guarantee they’ll leave your rug looking clean.

4. It’s Been a While Since You Hired Professional Carpet Cleaning

If it has been a few months or years since you last cleaned your carpet, have it attended to by professional carpet cleaning experts. Even if your rug looks clean on the surface, it’s bound to have lots of residues trapped within it.

The residue could be unseen, but it would cause undue tear and wear and could even contaminate the air within your property.

It’s good to have professionals clean your carpet after every few months. Consistent cleaning will help prevent irreparable rug damage, allowing the carpet to last longer.

5. Can’t Remember Your Rug’s Original Color

A dirty carpet will look lifeless and dull if a thorough cleaning hasn’t been done for some time. It acquires a new unpleasing color.

Heavy traffic areas will have a darker appearance than the rest of the carpet, mainly because of wear and increased soiling.

Professional carpet cleaning experts will use the best equipment that will leave your carpet looking good as new. They’ll help retain your carpet’s original color.

6. You’ve Been Using Outdoor Shoes

People find themselves wearing outdoor shoes in the house.

It sometimes happens when you forget something in the house and rush back and pick it up. If it’s not you, kids will now and then sprint in the house with their outdoor shoes without thinking.

This will make dirt and bacteria find their way into the house. It will have a wearing effect on the fibers of the rug.

DIY cleaning methods aren’t the most effective way to remove that deep-down dirt. Rug cleaning experts use hot water and excellent tools to dislodge and remove the dirt from your carpet.

7. Nasty Smells

The carpet is made of fabric. This explains why they have a high propensity to take on smells.

Carpets trap dirt and grime, causing a range of nasty odors over time. Contact carpet cleaning experts if you find lingering smells on your floors.

Moisture and mildew can at times be the cause of the nasty smell. Water dripping from indoor plants, spilled drinks, and flooding from rainstorms should be dried quickly. Failure to do this will make the house smell bad.

Your pet could also be another reason your house has a weird smell. In other cases, fire and worn-out carpet could also cause a funny odor.

The solution to all these problems is working with a professional carpet cleaning expert who will leave it smelling fresh. They will clean your rug and leave it dried up, preventing any mold from breeding. If your rug has served you for a long time, it’s also time to proceed and buy another one.

8. Carpet Fiber Is Delicate

Antique rugs or delicate materials need special attention. Never make the mistake of choosing to clean a delicate rug yourself.

For most delicate rugs, they come with instructions. If you fail to follow as instructed, you’ll possibly not enjoy your warranty from the seller.

Hire carpet cleaning experts because they know the cleaning tools to use. They also have effective rug cleaning processes.

9. Pets

Due to scents, fur, and messes made by clumsy or energetic pets, most homeowners are cleaning up their carpets on a regular basis.

For your carpet to serve you a few months before seeking help from a professional, learn some hacks pet owners use to keep their rugs clean.

Always make sure that your pet is groomed regularly. This helps eliminate the extra fur that affects the cleanliness of your carpet.

It would help if you also taught your pets where to pee. Buy a tray for them and fill it with a cat litter.

Always take some action to your carpet if your dog or cat pees on it. Allowing the pee to sit on your carpet prolongs the odor and discoloration.

When vacuums are no longer effective, and DIY remedies barely scratch the surface of the pet scents and stains, it’s time to seek help from professional carpet cleaners.

10. Your House Needs an Aesthetic Punch

Could it be you’re trying to upgrade the look of your property? If so, the first thing you may be considering is renovating your property which will cost you a lot of money.

But have you thought of cleaning your carpet too? You would be surprised at how transformative a modest rug cleaning can be.

Having your carpet cleaned by professionals will embellish it with a brand-new shine. The interior of your house will appear brighter and have a more positive environment.

This can do wonders in boosting morale in your house. Your loved ones will feel much better being in a clean and bright home.

You likely have to cope with snow if you live in cold-weather areas. And if you have to do so, there’s a high chance you and your loved ones are getting road salt all over your feet.

It stands to reason that the salt will be dragged into the house and, at times, into your carpet. Road salt causes serious damage to your carpet, making it deteriorate before its time.

During the winter, ensure you constantly remove the salt from your carpet using the vacuum. Once spring rolls around and the snow subsides, make an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner.

Hire Professional Rug Cleaning Services Today

Professional rug cleaning may appear to be unnecessary most of the time, but every rug requires a thorough cleaning every now and then.

Carpets significantly impact your house’s aesthetic, so ensure they look and smell great! Have you noticed any of these signs on your carpet?

Love Your Rug specializes in providing the people of Ontario, Canada, with professional rug cleaning services. We use effective and efficient rug cleaning technologies to dust, clean, and dry area rugs.

Contact us today for a free rug cleaning estimate.

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