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Love Your Rug North York Reviews

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By Marjorie Pelky on Apr 22, 2021
"Loveyourrug" service was exceptional! Each person I dealt with was so pleasant and helpful. I am delighted that my cream coloured sculptured rug is like new after returning from this cleaning service. I will certainly recommend "loveyourrug" to all my friends.

By Michelle Groleau on Jan 29, 2021
Rug looks great. Didn't realize the fringe was white!

By Maureen MacLean on Dec 10, 2020
I just got my rug delivered. It's beautiful! It looks like a new rug!

By Nadia Skop on Dec 02, 2020
Just finished unrolling the newly cleaned rugs. They look great. Thank you for outstanding door to door service. Will know who to call when other rugs get dirty. Stay safe!

By Val B. on Oct 23, 2020
Hi. I recently had 2 large rugs cleaned by your company. First I will say that I have never used this type of service before. I saw your ad on Breakfast Television and watched your YouTube video. I was very impressed with your process. Unfortunately I was not as happy as I should have been after receiving my rugs back. When I called to speak with your Customer Service Department I was totally taken back. The lady was so pleasant, cheerful and kind. She listened to my issue and with no questions or hesitation asked if I would give her the opportunity to make it right. How refreshing! The delivery man both times was professional, cheerful and happy. He clearly loves his job. Management must be doing things right because it certainly shows in the professionalism and care from your employees to your customers. It doesn’t matter that there was an issue, what matters is the outstanding way your employees handled it. I am an extremely happy and satisfied customer who will definitely use your service again and recommend you highly. My name is Val and I live in Caledon (I understand the route is 113) if you care to look up the employees that made sure not only that I “love my rug”, but that I also loved the entire process. I hope that you can pass on my thanks to the employees involved in my work order, acknowledge them and extend to them my sincere thanks for such a positive experience and what great representation they are of your company.

By Wayne Mckibbon on Sep 14, 2020
I just received my carpets and I’m very happy

By Lois Porter on Sep 20, 2020
The rugs turned out nicely and we are very happy with your service.

By Claudia Sputore on Aug 20, 2020
I received my tapestry this morning. Thanks everyone for the amazing work, I hope you have a great weekend!

By Lori McCabe on Aug 05, 2020
My rug was returned to me today and I just want to let you know that I am very happy with your service and my rug looks much, much better. Thank you!

By Sonya . on Feb 17, 2016
Amazing Job! Just wanted to let you know that you cleaned my rug before and did an amazing job... I even called the owner to let him know how thrilled I was with the service... thanks again !

By Linda . on Sep 01, 2014
Very honest, very helpful and gave good advice Was by today and brought my stained sisal rug. I spoke to a lovely woman and after her great advice, decided to turf the rug rather than incur the expense of cleaning it. She was very honest, very helpful and gave good advice on my next purchase. In this day and age when so much out there is poor quality, it is comforting to know there is still a company out their with integrity, pride in their service/product and willing to advise a customer rather than just chase a dollar. Though I did not use your services today, I will extol the virtues of your company to others and will surely recommend you. Good on you! Thank you.

By Mary . on Feb 27, 2012
Great Rug Cleaning Services Thanks so much for the great rug cleaning service. The rug is like new with no smell any longer. I will recommend you to anyone who needs professional rug cleaning. Thank you

By Chris . on Apr 05, 2017
Just a quick note to say I picked up my two rugs yesterday and am very pleased with the results. They look great. Thanks
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Rug Cleaning North York 5 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews.
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