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Love Your Rug Kitchener Reviews

Love Your Rug Reviews
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By Erin J on Jan 25, 2021
Hi Kathy, Thank you for getting in touch, the couch looks amazing!

By Masood A on Feb 08, 2021
Wanted to say thank you as well, I picked up my winter coat last week. It's great!! And a perfect mathc.

By Mary-lynne R on Feb 22, 2021
Mary-lynne R We received the rug and wanted to tell you it looks great. Thanks for a job well done.

By Dawn Simpson on Feb 19, 2021
Extremely poor customer service. They don’t love ‘your’ rug. They take no responsibility for the care of your rug. Rug was returned clean on top but discoloured with pulling of the fibre on the back. Customer service is non existent. Comments from their sales manager “I’m sorry you feel that way”. They only care about the ‘top’ of your rug, not the back. Offered a discount on my next item to be cleaned. Why would anyone send another item to be handled so poorly. Even if there was a problem with the back of the rug due to manufacturing, I believe I should have been notified in advance. This was not done. They are all about the money. Run from this company. Highly recommend Cleanol or Prestige. They care! If I could have rated lower, I would. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

By livia marshall on Feb 18, 2021
Just got my rugs back one hour ago. Thank you for the great job done, from the pick up and delivery service and fantastic cleaning . It was my first time doing business with you. I have to say I was a bit concern because I love my carpets and they are expensive hand knotted original. I will highly recommend you to every one I know. Livia Marshall

By Kera Johnson on Dec 08, 2020
I just had my clean rug delivered and I just had to send an e-mail to tell you how fantastic it looks. It was a white rug with red wine stains, a lot of dust and a few urine stains from our puppy - but it looks brand new! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I will absolutely be back when we inevitably spill red wine or something else on the rug. Take care and have a lovely holiday,

By Debra Forbes on Dec 14, 2020
Kathy, I'm going to be your billboard! I am going to recommend Love Your Rug to everyone I know. You guys are simply effective. The driver, who was most polite, called to give me an approximate time and called again to say he was a minute away. It was just past 8 o'clock, and he was cheerful and humorous. What a pleasure it has been dealing with you and the driver. You guys need to open a side business training people in customer service. And I'm not being negative, especially during this pandemic; sales staff can typically be unhappy. Thanks again, Kathy!

By Christina Loh on Dec 15, 2020
I just wanted to say WOW. We received our rugs back from your cleaning service and the condition of the rugs is incredible. You have done a fantastic job with the rugs! They look brand new!

By Jessica Thorp on Dec 09, 2020
The rug arrive today and looks great!

By Helen Cheyne Parsons on Nov 21, 2020
My carpet 15 yrs old, I have cleaned it myself, & decided after all this time would send it to Love Your Rug - Well just an excellent job, It came back like brand new! Just amazing - & I highly recommend the company!! the rating excellent 5/5 Thanks

By Sheila Schinbein on Oct 31, 2020
Saw the tv commercial , the service was outstanding from the pick-up to the drop off when it was done ,, my 25 year old rug is like it’s new again , will be sure to tell others ,, thsnks ! Love Your Rug ! Sheila ... Toronto

By Ronice Harrison on Oct 28, 2020
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By stephen anderson on Oct 25, 2020
I felt ripped off. They did a really lousy job on an admittedly difficult to clean, though top quality rug. It was returned, without explanation, still dirty and indeed, damaged further. The rep cold-shouldered me when confronted with evidence of their incompetence. Look elsewhere or get a good vacuum, you'll be better off.

By Matthew on Oct 18, 2020
I had three rugs clean and they came back looking brand new. Great work! Thank you!

By Catherine Mercer on Oct 09, 2020
Great service, great communication and great repair work. I am so impressed!! Thank you!

By Eleanor James on Oct 09, 2020
I thought good service was a thing of the past - until I sent my carpets to Love Your Rug. At the time I had three broken ribs, otherwise useless to the effort, and they couldn't have been more helpful and thoughtful. Now, the carpets are back, looking great and they made it such a pleasant experience while going above and beyond. It was ALL great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Love Your Rug. Really. Eleanor J. Toronto

By Mickey Jawa on Sep 24, 2020
I'd just like to say thanks to the entire Love Your Rug team for doing such a fantastic job. Our wool/silk blend rug had several pet stains on it, and the fact that the rug is a very light silver color made the stains really noticeable. Nothing we tried at home was able to remove the stains. My wife and I both thought that our rug was permanently ruined, and were resigned to buying a new rug. The Love Your Rug team worked their magic on it, and we're absolutely thrilled with the results. It's just like new! Not only are we loving our rug again, but we also are completely impressed with the quality of your company's service. I had thought that our rug was pure silk, but your team identified it as a wool/silk blend - and surprised me by reducing the cleaning price. That type of integrity wins my loyalty forever! The deep-set stains meant that you needed to work longer on our rug, But your technician was able to get the rug looking like new. We are so thankful to your entire team.

By Susan Stolf on Sep 17, 2020
I was extremely happy with the way the rugs were cleaned. They were totally refreshed and looked like new. The staff who answered the phones were extremely polite and very helpful. One in particular, Paige, went above and beyond in assisting me. I highly recommend this company.

By sab tuzi on Aug 28, 2020
They called my elderly parents twice with excuses, trying to raise price. First they claimed that carpet was larger than we told them, then they called 2 weeks later claiming that the carpet was hand made. when we told them that we were going to measure the carpet again when they retuned it, they lied and claimed that they didn't tell us that the carpet was larger. I also asked how they determined that the carpet was hand made, they said that a tech made that assessment, i said really, wouldn't it be on the label. After speaking with a Supervisor "Steve"(who lied about the first call and has no Customer service skills) he waved the extra charges. ** The service was good, but i think that they were trying to scam my elderly parents.

By Omar Ismail on Aug 25, 2020
I received the rugs today and I really like them, pretty clean, good job, and thanks.

By Lori McCabe on Aug 05, 2020
My rug was returned to me today and I just want to let you know that I am very happy with your service and my rug looks much, much better. Thank you!

By Marcia Lopez on Aug 20, 2020
I decided to try the company after seeing their ad on a billboard along Keele St. My two rugs were picked up by a very friendly chap, Matthew. Both rugs had not been cleaned since I purchased them at least 6 yrs ago. When I got the rugs back they looked beautiful. I was very please with how the rugs turned out.I will be telling my friends about the service.

By Sherry Irwin on Aug 16, 2020
Thanks Kathy! Great job on the rug - very pleased 🙂

By Fran Scott on Jul 29, 2020
I posted my review on this site last evening about the awful service I have received from this company. I note my review has been removed. Totally unethical. Allow people to see what others have experienced. Furthermore I note another poor review about bleach marks on her rug has also been removed. Your company has removed the negative reviews to make it appear to be an excellent company. This is false advertising. I will be bringing this to the attention of the Consumer Board and the press. Just for the record I still have not received my rug back. Fran Scott.

By irene Shaw on Jul 19, 2020
Our first time using Love Your Rug and definitely won't be our last. It had been 4 years since our wool rug had been cleaned. I saw the cleaning process that Love Your Rug does on CP24. Our rug was picked up and dropped off by a friendly, polite chap named Patrick. The rug came back looking almost brand new. The pile was soft and plush. The colours were bright and the cost was very reasonable. All in all, a great experience. Marty & Irene Shaw Toronto Ont

By Rani M on Jul 06, 2020
You guys rock, I just received my impressed..I will definitely use you guys in the future..

By Heather Martin on Jul 02, 2020
I gave them a hand made Turkish rug that had been peed on extensively and then stored in a garbage bag for three years. I had little to no hope that they could save the rug. They exceeded my expectations by returning a rug that was as beautiful as the day I bought it. Not only did the bring the rug back to life, they didn't charge me a fortune to clean it. I would highly recommend LYR to anyone with a tricky rug problem.

By Tori B on Jun 29, 2020
The staff at LoveYourRug have done a wonderful job cleaning my sisal rugs that I have had for a long time. A good rug cleaning and rug dusting were exactly what they needed to bring the life back into them!

Hi Kathy! My rugs look great! Many thanks,

By marcia Brown on May 30, 2020
I saw the ad about love your rug on cp 24 . I decided to give the company a try. I had 4 of my rugs cleaned . Two of the rugs were beige color with a strip of brown and beige these two rugs were very very duty and when I received both of them back they looked so great the rugs both looked like they were brand new. The other two rugs were black and also came out great. I am so happy that I gave the company a try. I also have to say that anyone that I spoke with on the phone was always very polite and professional. I will use definitely use love your rug again in the future . Thanks again Marcia

By marcia Brown on May 30, 2020
I saw the ad about love your rug on cp 24 . I decided to give the company a try. I had 4 of my rugs cleaned . Two of the my rugs were beige color with a strip of brown and beige these two rugs were very very duty and when I received both of them back they looked so great the rugs both looked like they were brand new. The other two rugs were black and also came out great. I am so happy that I gave the company a try. I also have to say that anyone that I spoke with on the phone was always very polite and professional. I will use definitely use love your rug again in the future . Thanks again Marcia

By Queue Gonzalez on May 21, 2020
I received my area rug back today and I just wanted to say thanks for the great cleaning service. I love how the high-pile/shagginess looks alive again!

By Lara Lukan on May 24, 2020
Just reaching out to follow up regarding our recent rug cleaning. Firstly, I would like to say how exceptional the service was from pick up, to drop off. We are very happy with how we were treated, and found everyone to be very friendly and accommodating. We are also very happy with how the rug turned out, and, amazed at how you guys were able to get out the tough/large stains. Our compliments to the engineers!

By Rose Papas on May 11, 2020
I dropped off the carpet yesterday and as promised I'm getting back to you. You guys did an excellent job, it was like brand new, the colors just popped out. Thank you so much. It was a great experience, from beginning to end. Stay healthy & keep safe!

By Mehmet Altinok on May 11, 2020
Received the rugs. Good job. Thanks

By Neil Gordon on May 13, 2020
I picked up my area rug today which is 10 years old and has never been cleaned. I have to say was very impressed it is like in new condition. As well the service was very reasonably priced.

By Kate Sutherland on May 13, 2020
Ads are misleading. You shouldn’t be saying that you will pick up ANYWHERE in southeastern Ontario, when your service is limited to only a handful of the larger centres. Score is based solely on the fact that I couldn’t use your services, although I tried, based on the TV ad.

By mike grossi on May 12, 2020
Just had a rug returned to me today. The cleaning you did was just great. The whole process was phenomenal and would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks for making this so easy
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Love Your Rug 4.7 out of 5 based on 86 user reviews.
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