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Rug Cleaning & Repair FAQ's

Rug Cleaning and Repair FAQ's

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. If you still have a question please call us or email us and we will gladly do our best to assist you.

Question: Do you offer rug pick up and delivery?

Answer: Yes we offer rug pickup and delivery throughout Southern Ontario. We are in typically in all districts 2 times per week.

Question: What if I am not home when the driver arrives to pickup my rugs?

Answer: Simply leave us your phone number, and place your rugs in the back or in an accessible location where we can pick your rugs up.

Question: How long does it take you to clean my rug once I drop it off or once you pick it up?

Answer: Typically it takes 7-10 days for us clean your rugs and have them ready for pickup or for them to be delivered to you.

Question: Do you offer in home carpet cleaning services?

Answer: No, we offer all rug cleaning services in our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility in Toronto. Professional rug cleaning requires expensive machinery and sophisticated facilities to be performed properly.

Question: How long have you been cleaning area rugs?

Answer: We have been cleaning and repairing area rugs since 1987!

Question: Do you use environment friendly rug cleaning products?

Answer: Yes, our rug cleaning facility, techniques, and products are all eco friendly and we strive to decrease our eco footprint all the time. Click the following link to read more about our eco friendly rug cleaning.

Question: What types of rugs do you clean?

Answer: We clean Persian rugs, silk rugs, oriental rugs, sheepskin rugs, synthetic rugs, wool rugs and more.

Question: Are you able to remove puke stains and odors?

Answer: Yes in most cases we can completely remove puke stains and puke odors.

Question: Can you remove wine stains?

Answer: Most of the time we can remove wine stains completely, but sometimes it is not possible to remove the wine stain completely. Sometimes only 80% of the wine stains can be removed as a faint yellowish mark tends to stay behind where the wine stain was.

Question: Are you able to remove animal urine odors?

Answer: Yes we offer specialty cleaning for pet urine and we use enzymes to eliminate all animal urine odors.

Question: Can you safely clean silk rugs?

Answer: Silk rugs are cleaned and processed by hand by our skilled in house rug technicians. To ensure the colours do not run we treat the rugs prior to cleaning with a special ingredient. This ingredient "fixes" the colour prior to cleaning so the colour does not bleed or run. In most cases silk area rugs come in with a single stain issue such as coffee, juice and pet stains. This requires more work to concentrate on the area with the stain which may increase the price to process the silk rug.

Question: Can you clean wool rugs without shrinking them?

Answer: Yes, with proper water temperature and detergents that are loaded with eucalyptus oils, this oil protects the fabric from being distorted during the cleaning process. Once cleaned, we immediately remove 95% of the moisture with our centrifuge and then the rug is hung naturally to dry.

Question: Do you charge extra for stain removal?

Answer: In most cases we do not charge extra for stain removal. If the rug requires a second cleaning we reprocess at no extra charge. If the stain is not removed after a second process we attach a "special note" to the rug so the customer is aware we have reprocessed the rug and that we have tried our best.

Question: What type of rug repairs do you offer?

Answer: We are able to size down rugs and change the borders. We offer binding, surging and fringing.

Question: Can you remove cigarette butts?

Answer: No, unfortunately cigarette butts cannot be removed.

Question: Do you change the colour of rugs?

Answer: No we do not as this may damage your rug.

Question: Do you sell rugs?

Answer: No we do not sell rugs. We offer professional area rug cleaning and area rug repair services across Sothern Ontario.


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