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Give Your Valuable Rugs the Attention They Deserve

Cleaning rugs since 1987Few accessories can add elegance, grandeur and warmth to the interiors as effortlessly as area rugs. We could write an ode to the beauty and vibrancy of rugs. We could compare them with elegant paintings hanging on your wall and say that rugs are like paintings on fabric, except for your floors. And we could say so much more.

But you already know and feel the same about rugs, don't you? They are every homeowner's pride and trust us, we understand just why! However, did you know the price of ignoring rug cleaning and repair?

Rugs that aren't cleaned regularly accumulate dust, dirt, debris, hair and so on. They also become breeding grounds for bacteria and pests, leading to:

  • Foul smell
  • Unhealthy indoor air
  • Health problems, such as asthma and allergies
  • And circulation of bacteria and pests to other parts of your house


In addition, such rugs deteriorate at an accelerated pace. Can you imagine what the total cost of all these consequences will come up to be?

Well, the good news is that caring for your rugs and the quality of air and ambiance at home is easier than you think. Simply contract the work out to Canada's most trusted and efficient rug cleaning company – Love Your Rug.
rug cleaning Ottawa

Rug Repair in Ottawa

Got a damaged rug, but don't want to throw it away? Are the rug fringes damaged or is there a tear in your valuable area rug? You came to the right place! We repair tears, rips, missing fringes and much more, and restore your rug's earlier charm. Oh and did we mention we're specialists in rug cutting, binding and re-surging? So if you think your rug is damaged beyond repair, call us and we'll show you why we're Ottawa's favourite rug repair specialists.
rug repair Ottawa

100% Money Back Guarantee Rug Cleaning & Repair in Ottawa

rug cleaning guaranteeLaser-focused on satisfying you, we are confident you'll be happy with our rug cleaning and rug repair services. If you aren't, you can have your money back. We are proud to be Canada's #1 rug cleaning and repair facility and we know that the combination of our experienced rug technicians, state-of-the-art rug cleaning machinery and our 30 years of experience will make you happier than going to any other reg cleaning or repair company in Ottawa.

Convenient Rug Pickup & Delivery in Ottawa

We are in Ottawa every week.
We got Ottawa covered from Hwy 417 and County Rd. No 29 N. (North west Ottawa) to Donnelly Dr. and Dwyer Hill Rd. (South west Ottawa). From here our route stretches to Bank St. and Belmeade Rd. (South east Ottawa) all the way up to Hwy 174 and Canan Rd. in North east Ottawa. Even if you are located outside of these boundaries our rug pickup drivers will gladly service you. Call us today to schedule a pickup.

Area Rugs: The Crown Jewel of the House

clean area rug in OttawaWho can argue that area rugs make superb home enhancers? They add splendour and warmth to any interior and infuse coziness. They can withstand time and jazz up any room. For most of us, finding the perfect area rug to highlight the home's best features is a months-long journey. Considering the time spent to learn all about textures, dye, durability, manufacturing process, practicality, and, of course, beauty, before we finally realize which type of rug we are gravitated towards, area rugs are one of the best investments you can make.
However, to maintain their superb, brand-new-like looks and stall their deterioration, it is crucial to clean them regularly and have professionals work their magic every once in a while. We are here to halt the aging process of your rugs and to provide the best rug cleaning available in Canada alike. Call us, or fill out our instant rug cleaning quote to get our guaranteed low price right now.

Interesting Facts About Ottawa

Ottawa Ontario Canada

At the time of the last population census (2011), there were 1,236,324 people living in the Ottawa - Gatineau  metropolitan area. 498,636 private houses were identified, and the numbers have only gone up now. What's interesting is that most dwellings are occupied by three or four personas and have about six or seven rooms on an average.

Assuming that only the living and dining rooms have rugs, there are at least 997,272 rugs ( 498,636 private houses X two rugs per house) in Ottawa at present. The need for regular rug cleaning becomes evident when you note that 481,187 people (96.5 percent) have been living in the same house since the last five years!

Unless you've been cleaning your rugs twice a year, you're inadvertently contributing to the mess created by dirty, unhygienic rugs. Let's put an end to the horror now!

Our 10,000 sq. ft. cleaning facility is equipped to repair and clean your rugs professionally. Contact us to maximize the longevity of your expensive rug, to eliminate health problems and to make your home look and smell fresh – all at wonderfully cost-effective rates.

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Rug Repair

Does your rug need repair? No problem, we've got you covered. We repair rips, tears, missing rug fringes and more, call us today to restore your rug.

Pick-up and Delivery

We know you are busy, so let us do all the work. Our rug driver will pickup your rugs in Ottawa and deliver them back to you clean within 14 days

Why Choose Us

  • Servicing rugs since 1987
  • Lowest price guarantee in Ottawa
  • 100% money-back guaranteed
  • Convenient rug pickup & delivery
  • State of art rug cleaning machinery
  • 10,000 sq.ft. rug cleaning facility

Customer Reviews

"Love Your Rug did an amazing job cleaning our area rug. It looks like it did when we bought it 10 years ago . It has new life to it . I am a very happy customer . Loved the pick up and drop off option too , well worth it . Thank you I will definitely be recommending your service to family and friends."

-Laura, Bradford , 20 July 2019

"Love your Rug did not disappoint. The best part of the experience was their customer service. Friendly and helpful. Pick up and drop off was easy (we used our concierge) and the rug came back beautiful. Highly recommend."

-Nancy, Toronto , 20 June 2019

"I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service provided by your company. Please pass this message on for me and let everyone know that we were so very pleased with the customer service provided. My mother is thrilled to have a fresh looking (and smelling!) rug in her new home. "

-Lesley R, Toronto , 17 June 2019

"Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and your company did a great job on rug."

-Zelia, Toronto , 11 June 2019

" I just had two rugs cleaned along with repairs to one of the rugs. The repaired rug looks like a brand new rug. Pickup and delivery worked so well. And thank you for replying to any of my emails so promptly. Refreshing to deal with a company that has great customer service. "

-Patti, Kitchener , 30 May 2019

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