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Quality Rug Cleaning in Mississauga

If your area rugs are soiled, dusty and smelly and if you don't remember the last time you had them cleaned, then it is time to have our rug cleaning pros at Love Your Rug solve your dirty rug problems by professionally cleaning them. Most people are not aware of the amount of dirt, dust and hair that gets trapped in and under their area rugs. If rugs are not regularly cleaned they will cause a variety of health problems such as allergies, asthma, and will increase the spread of bacteria and pests throughout your home. Uncleaned rugs also speed up the deterioration of your valuable rugs which can be avoided by having your rugs professionally cleaned semi-annually. By doing so you will eliminate health problems, your home will smell fresh and you will maximize the longevity of your expensive rugs. Love Your Rug is proud to offer professional area rug cleaning services in Mississauga at the lowest prices in Canada.
rug cleaning Mississauga

Rug Repair in Mississauga

If your valuable rug is damaged, and you don't want to throw it out because of damaged/missing fringes, tears, rips, or burns let us repair it so it looks like new. We have extensive experience repairing area rugs in Mississauga and southern Ontario. Over the 25 years that we have been repairing rugs we have seen it all, and we have learned to fix almost any damaged rug beyond customer expectations. Bring your rug to our rug cleaning facility or have us pickup your rug today!
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State-of-the-art Rug Cleaning Equipment

Along with our traditional rug cleaning methods, our experts at Love Your Rug use only the finest rug cleaning machinery to clean your valuable rugs. Our rug cleaning machines are in great working condition, are inspected and maintained regularly, and are the best of their kind.

Rug Duster for Complete Dust Removal
Rug Duster for Deep Cleaning
Rug Washing Machinery
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Rug Cleaning Centrifuge

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We show you our rug cleaning and rug repair process in action!

100% Money Back Guarantee Rug Cleaning & Repair Mississauga

rug cleaning guaranteeAt Love Your Rug we are known for our quality rug cleaning and repair work, speedy delivery, low price and our 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our rug cleaning and rug repair services. We have cleaned and repaired thousands of area rugs in Mississauga ovee the last two and a half decades and we are confident that you will be happy with our professional work or your money back!

Convenient Rug Pickup & Delivery in Mississauga

We are in Mississauga every Monday & Thursday 7am-3pm. Pickup times are subject to traffic.
We got Mississauga covered from Lake Shore Blvd West and Brown's Line (South East Mississauga) all the way up along HWY 427 to Steeles Avenue East (North East Mississauga). From here our route continues westbound on Steeles Avenue to Windston Churchill Blvd and Steeles Avenue (North West Mississauga) and from here all the way down to Windston Churchill Blvd and Lakeshore Rd W (South West mississauga). If your location is within these major intersections or just outside, please contact us to arrange a rug pick-up today.
Checkout when we are in your area and get our low price by clicking on any city/town on the map below.

Mississauga Rug Cleaning Report 2011

Executive Summary
The following article will outline the status of the rug cleaning behaviour of an average household in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

Mississauga Ontario Canada


In 2006 the population of Mississauga is reported by Statistics Canada to be 1,008,004 people. When compare to the population of Mississauga in 2001 of 899,192 we can see that in the span of 5 years the population has increased by 12.1%. This growth indicates not only a healthy economy, but an awesome mayor! Thank you Ms. Hazel McCallion for doing such a great job with Mississauga!
In order to understand the rug cleaning market demand we must look at the private dwellings in Mississauga, which were 350,976 in 2006. Additionally the number of private dwellings constructed before 1986 was 189,495 and the average number of rooms per dwelling was 6.9. These statistics give us a better view of the size of the average dwelling.
Next we need to look at the number of dwellings with more than one person per room as a percentage of total occupied dwellings, which is 2.6%. Meaning that only 2.6% of all dwellings in Mississauga have more than one person per room.
In addition we need to look at the average number of persons in all census families, which in 2006 was 3.2. Finally Statistics Canada shows us that in 2006, 524,875 people lived in the same address for over 5 years.
With the accurate statistical data above we can make some pretty accurate statistical inferences. Even right of the bat you can imagine how many area rugs there are in Mississauga!
Quick Summary of Data
There are 350,976 private dwellings in Mississauga with an average of 6.9 rooms and 3.2 persons per dwelling, and out of all the citizens 524,875 lived in the same dwelling for the past 5 years.
Out of the average 6.9 rooms per dwelling we will assume that two rooms have a rug. Usually rugs are located in the living and dining rooms, which are used extensively and most time is spent in these rooms. With 350,976 private dwellings in Mississauga and an average of 2 area rugs per dwelling, that means there were 701,894 area rugs in Mississauga homes in 2006. Furthermore, with 524,875 people living in the same dwelling in 2006 for the past 5 years it's time to clean those dirty rugs. Clean rugs = no allergies = better life.

Mississauga Monuments


Rug Repair

We offer professional carpet & rug repair services. Specializing in rug cutting, binding & resurging. 28 years of rug repair in Mississauga

Pick-up and Delivery

We will pickup your rug(s) from your premise in Mississauga, clean them professionally & deliver back to you fresh and clean within 7-10 days.

Why Choose Us

  • 25 years of experience
  • Lowest prices in Mississauga
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Mississauga pickup & delivery
  • Located near Kipling and Bloor
  • 10,000 sq.ft. cleaning facility

Customer Reviews

"Love Your Rug did an amazing job cleaning our area rug. It looks like it did when we bought it 10 years ago . It has new life to it . I am a very happy customer . Loved the pick up and drop off option too , well worth it . Thank you I will definitely be recommending your service to family and friends."

-Laura, Bradford , 20 July 2019

"Love your Rug did not disappoint. The best part of the experience was their customer service. Friendly and helpful. Pick up and drop off was easy (we used our concierge) and the rug came back beautiful. Highly recommend."

-Nancy, Toronto , 20 June 2019

"I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service provided by your company. Please pass this message on for me and let everyone know that we were so very pleased with the customer service provided. My mother is thrilled to have a fresh looking (and smelling!) rug in her new home. "

-Lesley R, Toronto , 17 June 2019

"Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and your company did a great job on rug."

-Zelia, Toronto , 11 June 2019

" I just had two rugs cleaned along with repairs to one of the rugs. The repaired rug looks like a brand new rug. Pickup and delivery worked so well. And thank you for replying to any of my emails so promptly. Refreshing to deal with a company that has great customer service. "

-Patti, Kitchener , 30 May 2019

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