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Who Are We?

We are Ontario's premier area rug cleaning and rug repair facility located in West Toronto. Our services have been available to Canadian's since 1987. Thousands of dry cleaners, area rug merchants, and individuals have trusted us with their area rugs and tapestries over the years.

We have expanded to our new facility at 41 Advance Rd in Toronto, Ontario. All our work is professionally done in our premises by our own technicians within 7 days. Our high-quality, excellent customer communication and dedication to our craft are the reasons for our success.

Now you can deal directly with our factory, save your money and feel secure that your investment is cared for properly. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Message from the CEO

Tony CEO of Love Your RugTony, CEO of Love Your Rug, was asked by Fabricare Canada Magazine the following question:
"What is the most difficult situation that you had to deal with in business and how did you overcome it?"

Tony's answer:

Success can only be achieved through hard work, determination, love, and positivity.
Eliminating the "worry" has always been a difficult situation to overcome.
I understand my business and have mastered my craft....so why worry?
Worrying keeps me from going after my dreams.

In the beginning of my business, I tried to do everything on my own. As it grew I had to hire and train personnel. Keeping my eye on 30 people is a lot more difficult than sitting behind my press or the spotting table. I overcame my fear of "worry" by having a good plan and sticking to it and helping others along the way. When I struggle with an issue, I reach out to my friends in the business world and ask for help in the same manner that I've helped them.

In business you must behave with diplomacy and intelligence, and most of all maintain good relationships with others. Focusing on the positive eliminates the most counter-productive emotion of "worry" and this helps me put out a good vibration into the universe and then the universe rewards me with everything that I desire.

I desire my company to be the best...and it is!


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