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Specialty Area Rug Cleaning Hamilton ON

Since 1987, Love Your Rug has been providing industry leading area rug cleaning and rug repair services to the residents of Hamilton, Ontario. Today, thanks to our steady growth Love Your Rug has a 10,000 square foot rug cleaning facility making us the largest area rug cleaner in Ontario.

In order to provide our industry leading rug cleaning and rug repair services, Love Your Rug has invested millions of dollars in purchasing the world's most advanced rug cleaning and repair technologies. We will put your rugs through the most extensive cleaning process available in Canada, making sure you stay with us for life.

rug cleaners Hamilton

We strive to be the best rug cleaning and rug repair company in Canada, setting standards and surpassing customer expectations each with every rug we clean. Choose Love Your Rug for your rugs, and experience a new standard of clean.

rug cleaners Hamilton

100% Money Back Guaranteed Rug Cleaning & Repair

100% money-back guarantee rug cleaningUsing the worlds most advanced rug cleaning technology allows Love Your Rug to offer every residential and commercial customer with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. We are 100% confident that no other rug cleaner in Hamilton can match our level of clean.

100% Lowest Price Guarantee

lowest price rug cleaning Hamilton

Thanks to our large size, economies of scale and our 10,000 square foot facility, Love Your Rug is able to offer the lowest prices in the rug cleaning industry in Ontario on all rug cleaning and rug repair services.

To get an instant rug cleaning price use our online rug cleaning calculator or call us now if you prefer to talk to a rug cleaning and repair technician.

Rug Repair Hamilton

If your area rugs are damaged and need to be repaired Love Your Rug employs some of the most experienced rug repair experts in Canada. All our rug repair technicians have over a decade of experience and have worked on Persian rugs that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. We can repair rug rips, tears, scratches, cigarette burns, toxic spills, wear and tear, and most other rug damage caused by every day use. We also specialize in rug cutting, re-surging and re-binding. Send us an email with a photo of the rug damage to get expert advice on the most effective repair procedure available.
lowest price rug cleaning Hamilton

Rug Cleaning Video - Love Your Rug

A short video about our rug cleaning and rug repair services to give you an overview of our company and services.

Convenient Weekly Pickup and Delivery Service in Hamilton

With our fleet up trucks on the road every day Love Your Rug offers residents of Hamilton our convenient rug pickup and delivery services. Call us today to schedule a pick-up from your location in Hamilton.

Our pickup and delivery route covers downtown Hamilton as well as all the locations around and within Hamilton: from Campbellville Rd and Millburough Line (North East Hamilton) to Hamilton St N and Dundas St E (South East Hamilton) then down to Queen Elizabeth Way and Fifty Rd (Southern Hamilton) up Westbrook Rd to York Rd then all the way up Haldibrook Rd. From here our route continues all the way to the African Lion Safari then to HWY 6 and 401 Macdonald-Cartier Fwy. Call us today.

Keeping Hamilton Rugs Clean Since 1987

Here are some very interesting statistics about the citizens of Hamilton. We hope this information helps our readers get to know Hamilton in more detail. We carefully hand picked interesting statistics. All the information here is factual, accurate and up to date.

Hamilton Ontario

According to Statistics Canada's most recent Census in 2011, 15,895 private dwellings in Hamilton required major repairs while 187,910 required only minor maintenance and repairs. Hundreds of our annual rug repairs in Hamilton are not even factored into this number, which means that the number of repairs in Hamilton is much larger than what is reported!

78,360 private dwellings were constructed before 1960, which is the largest amount of private dwellings found in Hamilton. Many people are surprised to find out that Hamilton has been around even before 1960’s and is not a new city. We have been servicing Hamilton with area rug cleaning and repair since 1987!

An interesting characteristic of private dwellings in Hamilton is that the average number of rooms in Hamilton per private dwelling is 6.4. This includes bedrooms, living, rooms, dining rooms and other rooms. In terms of bedrooms, 32,400 dwellings have 0 to 1 bedrooms, 43,220 have 2 bedrooms, 84,020 have 3 bedrooms and 44,160 have 4 or more bedrooms. Most citizens of Hamilton live in dwellings that have 3 bedrooms. With all these rooms, it is no surprise why we clean so many area rugs in Hamilton.

In terms of ownership of dwellings, 139, 345 houses in Hamilton are privately owned, while 64,465 are rented out.

Many people think that Hamilton is inhibited by rich people but the average income in 2010 in Hamilton was $38,965, while the after-tax income was $33,063 per person. On the brighter side the average family income was $92,240, while the after tax income was $77,967.

In terms of household shelter expenses, 149,110 households in Hamilton spend less than 30% of household total income on shelter costs, while 53,780 households spend 30% or more of household total income on shelter costs. The median monthly shelter costs for owned dwellings in Hamilton were $1089, while the average monthly shelter costs for owned dwellings were $1197.

Finally the average value of private dwellings in Hamilton is $308,307. This includes condominiums and houses.

References: Statistics Canada 2011 Census

Photos of Beautiful Hamilton

Customer Reviews

“Rugs came back today looking like new ! Your delivery guy was great and is a wonderful representative of your company.

− Robin, 23 Jan 2017

“This is Certainly the Way to Go! I received the floor mats and i just wanted to say how thrilled i am with the outcome! They look amazing. New floor mats from RR were quoted to us for $5,200 so this was certainly the way to go. Thank You so much for all of the time & effort you and your entire team puts into all of the tedious tasks i send your way. Truly appreciate it ”

− Zlatko, 19 Sept 2016

“Rug Looks Great! Just a quick note to say that my rug looks great and to thank you for accommodating me with regard to the drop-off time. Thank-you! ”

− Lesley, 21 July 2016

“SO happy I tried out your company! I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I had so many companies say that I should just throw away my rug and buy a new one because it wasn't possible or worth it to clean it. I am SO happy I tried out your company. Your price was so reasonable that I thought "why not give it a try!?" You did an incredible job. You took the time to wash it 3 times to make sure the stain was gone and it is! The rug looks good as new and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for saving a rug I love!”

− Daphne, 26 June 2016

“Amazing Job! Just wanted to let you know that you cleaned my rug before and did an amazing job... I even called the owner to let him know how thrilled I was with the service... thanks again !”

− Sonya, 18 Feb 2016

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